Hip-Hop: Gaining Worldwide Fans

For music artists, especially for the upcoming artist, the internet is perhaps the most useful tool they have. Many artists on the rise have a strong internet fan base. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and tumblr are very useful when used strategically. Artists can reach a potential fan on the other side of the work with the click of a button.

I talked to one upcoming local artist about how he is taking advantage of social media and other internet platforms.

Spocka Summa (Motif) Who are you? Where are you from?


Boy: My name is Boy, recording artist and visual artist from Providence (@boyfromtherhode).

SS: What are some of the biggest obstacles you encounter being an indie artist in RI?

B: The only obstacle in Providence to me is garnering citywide support. But through consistency and a balance between quality/quantity it’s easy to overcome. Other than that, the city is so small and developing that I feel like there’s no gatekeepers or like group of folks that control the pulse of the music scene like in other major cities.

SS: Do you think social media is having a negative or positive effect for indie artists? Why?

B: Social media only helps push you to the world. Being accepted in Providence is cool, but gaining fans from different parts of the world is something that’d be harder without social media. They’re all free tools to help execute branding.

SS: What is the main platform you use for self promo and why?

B: SoundCloud has been the easiest platform to promote my work, as well as Twitter and tumblr. These tools give me the chance to build one-on-one  relationships with my following and make me relatable.

SS: What steps are you taking to build your brand through social media?

B: Currently we are building our brand through consistency and originality, as well as through direct marketing and interactions with fans on SoundCloud and Twitter. We are trying to contribute to the grand scheme of things, which allows the work to talk for itself, better than I can. At the end of the day, a good product is the key.

When I walk into a store that sells CDs, I can see that physical CD selection is rapidly dwindling. Most artists focus on digital sales and streams and sometimes skip the physical CD distribution altogether. Marketing tactics are also changing as artists try and find new and innovative ways to attract fans. In this age of the rapidly growing social media/ internet artist and the DIY mentality, the only way to approach the music scene is with a open mind.