Hip-Hop: Getting Booked

There are many things to consider when you are an upcoming artist trying to perfect your craft. Apart from recording and marketing, performing should rank at the top of any upcoming artist’s priority list. Being a good recording artist and marketing yourself well are awesome, but if you lack an entertaining live performance it could have a negative effect on your career. Once you develop a strong fan base that is willing to buy tickets to see you live, the worst thing you could possibly do is let them down with a weak performance. So take your time and rehearse as much as possible and get to know the direction you want to go with your live show.

It can be frustrating for an unknown local artist to get booked, but I have a few suggestions. Before seeking out bookings, make sure all of your links on your website are up to date, including new music and previous shows. Have an estimate of how many people would come out to see you. Networking can play a key role in helping you open doors and get more bookings. Make it a mission to go to a few local shows and network with other other performers, meet promoters and find out who else is involved in the event. Never show up empty-handed — bring promotional materials. Most important of all, do not be afraid to meet new people and try out new avenues to get yourself into the eyes of the public.

Once you get booked, treat the event and the promoter with respect by being prepared and on time. Missing your set time will almost guarantee you never get booked by that venue or promoter again. After all, this is your job so take it seriously no matter how big or small the show.