Jazz Insights: Artie Cabral

Artie Cabral has performed with Stan Kenton, Woody Herman and even with the late Hollywood film star Mickey Rooney.

Growing up his father would take young Artie to hear many of the great Rhode Island big bands.  Artie began playing the drums. He became one of New England’s finest available drummer, performing at weddings, Bar-Mitzahs, funerals and private happenings.

Graduating from Providence’s Hope High School, Artie entered the US Army. He became a combat photographer, but also found his way into playing the drums with the Army band.

Returning from a stint in Germany, he rejoined the union and began his long-time relationship, as an accompanist, with the late pianist and promoter Mac Chrupcala, of Newport.

Artie spent more than five years with Tony Tomasso and his orchestra.
With the passing of his dear wife, he has moved to the VA Home in Bristol, where he continues to play on many local gigs.

Artie reflects his valued friendships with many of this country’s top musicians, including (U.S.Army Sargent), Dave Brubeck, Mike Renzi, and of course Mickey Rooney. His long association with the Rhode Island Musicians Union is well documented..