Jazz Insights: Billy Lipson

Providence’s Billy Lipson, born in 1911, was blessed with a terrific jazz singing voice. Billy sang with several large orchestras in greater Providence.
His renditions often sounded like Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. Billy had a loyal group of followers who regularly cheered him on, and many a local woman swooned over his romantic deliveries. His torch songs were a special happening for the whole family, and his wife and two sons were among his loyal fan base. Billy’s day job found him working on electricity for the New Haven Railroad.

After World War II, America’s popular music, including jazz, became an important element in the post-war happiness that surfaced here, in Rhode Island, and other parts of our country. Individuals like Billy Lipson performed to happy celebrations that were featured during those wonderful times.

Billy passed away in 1983, but many of his followers still remember him, and his special voice.