Keep Calm and Grill On!

You’ve likely heard of wood-fired ovens, but what about a wood-fired grill? Chef Jimmy Caruso of Great Northern BBQ Co is re-inventing BBQ and changing the way restaurants grill their meat. Channeling the great outdoors, he found a way to bring the fire pit inside by creating a wood-fired grill with height-adjustable grates to ensure grilling perfection every time. And not only did he shun tradition in the grill, he tossed the commercial fryer, choosing instead to fry up menu items in style with a large wok that can put any deep fryer to shame. Caruso is changing the game for chefs on the PVD food scene, and it’s about time you go check out his barbecue at 9 Parade St in PVD. Be sure to try my personal favorites: the lamb burger and the king prawn appetizer. 


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