Lenny Clarke and Christine Hurley Return to the Greenwich Odeum

On November 10, Lenny Clarke and Christine Hurley will be returning to the Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich. Lenny Clarke is a storied comedian from Boston who’s been performing comedy all over the country for over 30 years. He’s appeared in more than 50 television and film projects, including Ted 2, Here Comes the Boom and Fever Pitch. But Lenny is most well-known for his role in Denis Leary’s “Rescue Me.”

Christine Hurley answered an open audition in 2005 for “America’s Funniest Mom” in New York City, organized by Nick at Nite. The contest was judged by Comedy Central Roast master Jeff Ross, “Seinfeld” producer Carol Liefer and Sandra Bernhardt, and Christine Hurley went on to be chosen as a finalist for the televised show, coming in second. Since then she’s been performing all around New England nonstop. She continually works with many of Boston’s legendary comics. She’ll also be performing (along with Clarke) at Denis Leary’s monstrous Comics Come Home event in Boston at the TD Garden in early November with Bobby Kelly, Jessica Kirson, Brian Regan and more.

I caught up with both Clarke and Hurley recently to talk about their upcoming show at the Odeum.


Chuck Staton: So as I understand, both of you performed last year at the Greenwich Odeum and sold it out. That seems like a great place to do comedy.

Lenny Clarke: I love it. It’s a beautiful place. It’s a great place. The only thing I don’t like about it is the name because I don’t know how to f**king say it!

Christine Hurley: I loved it. It’s gorgeous. They take good care of us.

CS: It’s a very cool venue for Rhode Island to have. Do you have a connection to Rhode Island?
LC: I have some family in Narragansett. It’s a great place. There are a lot of great comics coming out of Rhode Island. John Perotta is out of Rhode Island!

CH: I love Rhode Island! I love Rhode Island audiences. They’re a little sassier than Boston. They get it, and they can take it.
CS: Lenny, you’ve had an incredible career. What do you think is the key to your comedy?
LC: You know I think with me, the thing is I don’t think I’m funny. I’m just f**king crazy. I was trying to do a love scene, a sex scene — and I thought I was getting really sexy, doing a great job. And the crew — they’re laughing! They had to stop rolling because the camera was bouncing too much from the camera guy laughing!

CS: Are you guys excited to perform together at the Odeum?

CH: My favorite line-up in the world is to work with Lenny. Not only is he the best person to work with, he’s one of my best friends. We have a good dynamic, on- and off-stage. We travel together. It just works when we work with each other.

LC: I’ve never seen someone be so funny, so fast. I’ve worked with everyone, and Christine is one the funniest comics I’ve ever seen. I hate following her! She’s incredible.

CH: He saw me five or six years ago, doing a little bar room. He came over to me and he said, “That’s it. We’re going to make you a star.” He’s been great.

LC: Some comics make me bring me A-game. Christine makes me bring my A+ game.

RocJo Productions is producing the show, and tickets are available at There are a limited number of VIP Experience tickets available, which includes premium seating and a pre-show dinner party with Lenny & Christine at Finn’s Harborside.