Merry-juana Gift Guide: Our expert’s top picks for the pot head in your life

We all know the concept of voting with our wallets, but how many of us end up heading straight for Amazon Prime free shipping and big box Black Friday sales when it comes time for holiday shopping? Of course we can’t be conscious consumers all the time, but our purchasing choices feel more important than ever as this disaster of a year comes to a close. If, like me, you’ve embraced the loungewear lifestyle of 2020 and the thought of crowded malls and long lines sounds more unappealing than a second helping of pie, you may be planning to stick to online shopping this holiday season, and with good reason. If this year made you realize the importance of supporting small businesses, working to dismantle systemic racism and putting your money where your mouth is, then this gift guide is for you: unique recommendations for the cannabis lover in your life, featuring black women-owned businesses that are changing the game in the cannabis space.

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Jane Parade offers “apparel and accessories for the aesthetically inclined cannabis user.” It’s hard to choose between the hoodies, hats and totes emblazoned with phrases like “Plant-Based” and “Freelance Joint Roller,” but for a unique gift pick, I love the Inhale the Universe print.

Noirebud is a “fearlessly black female owned multidimensional CBD luxury product line” founded by Carolyn Gray with a philosophy that is as much political as it is pampering. Among the offerings in her online boutique, the CBD Herbal Tea Packs are a stand-out stocking stuffer, and with flavors like Lavanilla, G-Mint and Strawberry Immunity, is there a more delicious way to relax at the end of a cold winter’s day?

I can attest that the Ardent Nova Decarboxylator & Infuser (and its big sister, the ArdentX), is a game-changer when it comes to at-home cannabis infusions. A great option for any beginner or experienced maker of edibles, infused oils or homemade cannabis topicals, the Ardent system takes the guesswork out of decarboxylating raw cannabis material, and proper decarboxylation and infusion are possible with the touch of a button. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry — founder Shanel Lindsay and her team have put together some amazing educational materials that can help even the most novice cannabis user create great edibles.

For a COVID-friendly cannabis gift, look no further than Just The Tip’s signature “chill stone,” a glass mouthpiece designed to make the communal cannabis experience a little more hygienic. “Share responsibly” is their slogan, and the chill stone makes it possible to share a joint with others without sharing a mouthpiece. Plus, it keeps fingertips cool, increases filtration and can be used as a one-hitter in a pinch.

Lastly, if you are looking for the perfect soothing CBD experience for the self-care-loving stoner in your life, here are a few more of my top picks:

Whether you are keeping it super chill this holiday season, or going all out with gifts, I hope this guide helps you navigate the wonderful world of weed-related goodies to find something that any cannabis lover would enjoy. But most of all, I hope that this holiday season you are able to connect with your loved ones, remember what is truly important in life, and get blazed before dinner, just like you always do.