Treat Mom: Your mom is busier than she’s ever been, so do something nice!

This pandemic is shining a great big spotlight on all the inequities built into our society — and there are a disheartening number of them — but Mother’s Day is coming up, so we’re going to focus on that one for now.

So many moms are so busy right now that they don’t have time to read all the think-pieces telling them how busy they are. How much of the unpaid labor of life — elder care and child care and schooling and panic cleaning and community outreach and working with kids’ emotions as their lives change — is falling to them. How it affects their relationships, career and earning potential. And a lot of them are juggling it all while maintaining their job responsibilities — without the support of babysitters or doting grandparents they rely on.

And yes, there are often partners and of course, not all men. But this type of behind-the-scenes work that makes a family tick tends to fall to one partner — often to Mom — and there’s a lot more of that behind-the-scenes work going on these days.


Even if you’re not living at home right now, contributing to the pile of laundry and refusing to do your math worksheet, your mom is still working overtime to worry about you. Did you wash your hands? Did you wear your mask? Have you given up your unfortunate doorknob licking habit (you obviously got that from your dad)?

So even though your favorite brunch place isn’t taking reservations, celebrate the superwoman in your life this weekend with a little help from some spectacular local spots. Get your orders in soon!

Augusta Street Kitchen is taking Mother’s Day orders. augustastreetkitchen.com

Avvio Ristorante will be offering a family-style takeout menu for Mother’s Day that feeds four people and includes a half sheet pan of focaccia bread, salad, entrée, and dessert. avvioristorante.com

Burgundian Waffle has two different waffle kits to choose from. Each kit have four precooked waffles and premade toppings. Warm up the waffles, add the toppings, and Mom will have a gourmet breakfast. weareburgundians.com

Butterbang Croissants is doing a Mother’s Day Pre-pay. Moms love pastry! butterbang.square.site

Clarke Cooke House has weekend specials for Mother’s Day. clarkecooke.com

Huck’s Filling Station is offering take and bake cinnamon rolls and a frittata. Fresh out of the oven for Mom! hucksfillingstation.com

Iron Works will offer a selection of specials in addition to its full takeout menu. ironworkswarwick.com

Kabob and Curry is offering a Mother’s Day meal for four, plus a free bottle of wine. kabobandcurry.com

KowKow is chicken ‘n’ waffles take out for Mother’s Day! facebook.com/kowkowfood

Providence River Boat is doing a special Mother’s Day mimosa tour. Reservations are limited due to strict social distancing. providenceriverboat.com

Rebelle Artisan Bagels is delivering Mother’s Day bagels (by Mission Electric Bikes if you’re on the East Side) and limited flower bouquets are available to order (deadline to order is May 7). facebook.com/rebelleartisanbagels

Rosmarin has a special Mother’s Day brunch box that feeds four to six. instagram.com/rosmarin_pop_up

Stoneacre is offering a special Mother’s Day brunch for two that includes flowers and a card. facebook.com/stoneacrebrasserie

Yoleni’s is offering special sweet and savory Mother’s Day snack boxes and family-style meals. facebook.com/yolenis.providence


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