One of the Greats: Bob Mainelli is pitch perfect

One of Rhode Island’s finest local entertainers is Bob Mainelli.
He has performed for more parties, organizational events, civil and otherwise, private celebrations, small clubs, large clubs, restaurants, casinos, political happenings, weddings, funerals, bar-mitzvahs and probably hangings than most professional singers.

Bob taught music at Johnston High School for many years. His daughter, Jennifer has emulated his love for music, as well. Not only is he proud of her, but the two continue to perform together at many important happenings in the state. They are a terrific team.

Bob has been known for his high-quality professional voice. When he sings The Great American Song Book, his deliveries become perfect-pitch and romantic.


Although he has had personal physical problems for many years, he has forged ahead and kept his wonderful reputation at a high standard.  
Bob plays the keyboard often to supplement himself. Either with it or not, you still get his wonderful renditions of the best in jazz, and other art forms in music.

And yes, you might find him in Florida (during the winter) performing in restaurants and clubs.

We often see him working in the local casinos, or with his favorite buddy, super-pianist Mike Renzi. Rhode Island has been very lucky to have had many prior years from the voice of Bob Mainelli. He has built a large following of adult music fans who will go most anywhere Bob is scheduled to perform.

Keep your eyes opened to catch the Mainelli family performing, somewhere in the area.