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Pouring Love: Couples brewing

This month we acknowledge Cupid’s mythical concoction of beer and love.

Here’s the story of 3 established breweries led by craft beer pioneering couples: 

Jen and John Kimmich – The Alchemist, Stowe, VT

Set the WayBack Machine to 1995, and you’ll find John brewing and Jen waitressing at the Burlington Vermont Brewery & Pub. The magic elixir of beer (cherubic lube) would lead them eight years later to open The Alchemist Brewery & Pub in Waterbury, VT. Recognized as the first and foremost hazy double india pale ale, Alchemist’s Heady Topper hits the taste bud love target similar to the archer’s paradox: It is meant to give you wave after wave of floral hoppy goodness piercing your tongue and leaving no trace of bitterness. Now craft beer world renowned, Jen & John have shared their affection for amazing beer, sustainable environmental ethics and an inclusive work environment. Their magical craft surrounds all with boundless love and happiness. If you’re looking for love you can find it at 100 Cottage Club Rd, Stowe, VT. Visit online at

Jennifer and Alan Brinton – Grey Sail, Westerly, RI

One could say a love potion of beer crafted with desire, passion, and affection brought Jen and Alan together to hoist Grey Sail. Opening a microbrewery was Alan’s dream: For their first 10 years of marriage, though, Alan kept the notion under his cap. Jen’s 10th anniversary present was to put the feather in Alan’s cap, and in 2010 they purchased the Westerly Macaroni Factory building. The brewery name started as Grace Ale from their oldest daughter’s name, and it transitioned into Grey Sail adding the sailing theme for coastal Westerly. Now the brewery is celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary and 20 years of a love-filled marriage of beer and community. With environmentally-conscious business practices and a welcoming atmosphere, Jen & Alan provide harmony for workers, local musicians and loyal customers. The brewery also promotes area food trucks & pop ups that hit the target! Cheers to the Grey Sail Brewery, lovingly called Jen & Alan’s fifth child.

Get on board Grey Sail, docked at 63 Canal St, Westerly. Visit online at

Liz & Jared Kiraly – Bone Up Brewing, Everett, Mass.

Liz & Jared Kiraly’s love of life overflows with heart and heavy metal soul. Like Belgian artist Rubens expressed love in painted winged cherubs in The Feast of Venus, Bone Up Brewing’s Liz & Jared Kiraly share their love of Belgian farmhouse brewing techniques, combined with a feast of food vendors, popup-style, and a large selection of dried meats. 

Liz and Jared started brewing in their kitchen with dreams of starting their own public house. Jared went to Brussels with the intention of eating waffles for three days straight. After his first sip of a Westmalle Tripel, light shone down from the heavens, angels started singing; now he makes beer. Their marriage and knowledge of brewing has made them relationship experts. Serving suggestion for a perfect date night: a bottle of love-infused Menagerie and a Barrel-Aged Dark Smoked Saison, whether it’s snuggling with your beau and sharing a snifter by the fireplace or out of a bottle-in-a-paper-bag in front of a trashcan fire. Where can you find this and other love potions? Bone Up Brewing Co., 38 Norman St, Everett, Mass. Visit online at