Mob Squad Outskates the Honeys; Move onto Championship Bout

On September 19, the Sakonnet River Roller Rats were spread out through the crowd, watching the competition to see who they would face in the upcoming 2015 home season championship: the Mob Squad or the Old Money Honeys.

The Mob maintained much of the lead in the first period, resulting in a halftime score of 61-103 in their favor. Mob’s strength relied on their defensive blockers wearing down the Honey’s jammers, in particular Citizen Toxie, Sun Scream and Baby Fighterfly. Honeys played a more balanced approach with speedsters Nutritional Beast and Raggedy Ann-eurysm and heavy hitters Lexi Lawless, Cindy Lou Screw and Delta Bravo. The second period showcased the Honeys in an endless chase with a few power-jam opportunities, including a few final laps from the veteran Rhoda Perdition. After time ran out, the Mob skated off with the victory 176-189 thanks also to the jamming of Shreddy Roosevelt, Boones Harm and Toni Montana!

Now we move onto the final PRD bout of 2015: the home season vhampionship, on Saturday, October 10, at Teamworks Center in Warwick. The double-header will open with the Old Money Honeys taking on Cape Cod Roller Derby. Then the Mob and the Rats will quake, battle and roll for the 2015 trophy. Will Mob’s captain Smashley Olsen need a getaway car ready for her team to escape with the prize? Will Rats’ captain Trannie Oakley have a trap ready to be sprung on the opposition? Tickets are available now on!