Scene and Heard: In the Bedroom

Ah … I love this whole business of the holidays. It’s so busy and a little crazy, but it’s a time that I wait for all year long. I love the gathering of family and friends, the obscene amount of food, and perhaps a cocktail or two (thanks
 Cait Ardito at Motif for your Dirty Christmas Cookie — it was a potent one).
And now on to RI film happenings!
What Happens in the Bedroom …
Unmade beds, doors slightly ajar, weird sounds, awkward moments, open windows. Two characters. One bed. Many stories
What happens when you get a bunch of New England actors, writers, directors, camera folks and makeup people all working on one project? What happens when they work on a  web series that entails 13 episodes in every genre? What happens when the directors step up to the challenge and the cast and crew turn it into reality? What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Except in this case, we’re letting you in. And yo

u’ll know exactly what happened in the bedroom.
This is the brainchild of Mr. Seth Chitwood, called (you guessed it) In the Bedroom
. This unique project relies on the talent and resourcefulness of his board members, and the cast and crew behind each episode.
For instance, there’s “War and Loyalty” a spy thriller, which is written by Jr Hepburn, stars Cate Carson and Richar
d C Bailey, and is directed by Andrew Adler. You also have a completely neurotic  story called “The Sound,”  starring Jeanne Lohnes and Paul Kandarian and directed by Chris Harting. Then there’s … wait … that’s enough of that before Seth calls me and tells me I’ve talked too much, which he FREQUENTLY does.
In the Bedroom has 26 actors and 11 directors  all from R.I., Mass. and Conn. and a host of others in key crew positions. Writers were asked to submit st
ories from any genre that were voted upon for production. There were two requirements: the story must take place in the bedroom and consist of only two characters. Challenging? Yes. It was also challenging for board members Carlyne Fournie
r, Jr Hepburn, Curtis Reid, Stephanie Castanos, Creusa Michelazzo, Chris Esper, Lisa Lombardi, Seth Chitwood, the creator, and me to choose from the submissions.
Once the stories were chosen, we set out to cast the roles with Carlyne Fournier heading up that task with her usual efficient and spot-on  organizing/ producing prowess. Others took on roles in social media, marketing, production managing, set design and directing. The board members are diverse and accompl
ished in their own rights within the film community and were chosen for their unique abilities and sensitivities to the project. And for the fact that we like getting together at Denny’s at 11:00 pm for a huge breakfast and a load of laughs (plus some silly pics).
Production begins on January 12. Please visit In The Bedroom  on our Indiegogo page here to ma
ke a donation – every dollar counts! Share it with your friends and colleagues so we can reach our goal or visit the website here for more info on the series.
Now for the introductions.

Seth Chitwood


is writer, director and creator of In The Bedroom. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Seth on his supernatural film, The W
omen of Harry, which debuted at Skip Shea’s film festival, the Shawna Shea Independent Short film Festival, and that was a hoot! Only Seth could think of a short film that plays out sort of like speed dating, with a
 different situation and a different woman in each frame. Then came the cop drama, Red Circles, and a cameo appearance in The World’s Worst Director,  and let me tell you, folks,  he is something to behold. For such a young man, he is quite accomplished, including: direction of the web series: Lungs (Creator), Family Problems (Creator), Red Circles (Creator, Wi

nner of eight LA 
Web Fest Awards), World’s Worst Director (Creator, Lead, Official Selection of the 2013 LA Web Fest), The Dreamer (creator). Direction, film: THEMSpideredStress 101 (RIFF honor, LCFF award). Theatre: Oliver Twist (vocal coach), A Cold Day In HellGoing to School (BDF Outstanding Director), The Katrina Project(BDF Outstanding Director), Fairy Fr

See all of Seth’s current projects here and  follow Seth onTwitter: @Moses432


In The Bedroom updates can be seen on their Facebook page. Also look for writing, casting and directing announcements for season 2 here:
carlynefCarlyne Fournier is an accomplished  bilingual actress, voice-over talent and producer of socially a
ware films – and let me add to that – a class act with a heart of GOLD.  Some of her recent and notable projects
 as a producer include: Take my Keys, a powerful music video that promotes anti-teen drunk driving – and recipient of the 2013 “Video of the Year” award in the eTalent showcase music video contest. There are so many films under her belt, I cannot name them all. Carlyne is definitely an A-lister to watch and an honor to work with. Her true passion lies with films that shed light on a variety of social issues. She wishes to combine her creative craft with powerful media, to help provoke social change and bring about global awareness on issues close to her heart. Carlyne was also nominated (along with Creusa and me) for the “100 Women We Most Admire” by the Boston Ad Club. She is what you call a powerhouse, ladies and gentlemen, and she is looking forward to 2014. She will be producing Silence, a feature film exploring the tremendous impact of texting and social media on our lives, and portraying a lead role in Spin the Plate, a
film directed by Eric Eastman from the novel of the same name. She will also appear in the lead role in One, for Dibacco films, and that’s j
ust SOME o
f her work for ’14. Follow Carlyne on Twitter: @Carlynef.
Jr Hepburn is the founder of Vendetta Motion Pictures, an indie film production company. In 2013, he produced and directed Killing Khan, an espionage thriller. Soon Jr begins directing the new film Blue Suede in early 2014.  This guy is busy – keep watching; he is rising. He’s a friend and I can tell you he is soulful


and inspiring, and  gives his all to a project he is involved in. Jr has passion like no other and he’s not afraid to set a fire under your ass either! He vows to learn as much as he can every day and to apply it to his own projects. (And his orange pants are pretty cool, too).


Curtis Reid
Curtis is a relatively new actor on the film scene in New England, and has recently stepped behind the camera to serve as a producer on several local projects. He’s also one of the nicest guys in the industry. A few of his recent credits include projects like The Cold Read, a comedic web series about actors in New England, The Trespasser, a feature film shot in Connecticut (and currently in post-production), and an upcoming short film called Cause and Effect.
Creussa Michelazzo
Creussa is the CEO and co-founder of Macremi Inc., a full service media, community development and public relations company. Michelazzo is a producer, reporter and community leader in New England. She stepped
into the entertainment industry when working as an on-air correspondent for Telemundo, CNN en Español, Rede Globo Brasil and Mundo Fox. As part of the Associated Press, Michelazzo has also received the opportunity to be a celebrity reporter for prestigious red carpet events in New York and Los Angeles. Michelazzo is involved in and committed to serve the community of Rhode Island.  Her hard work has led her to be named co-chair of the Univocal Legislative Minority Advisory Coalition (ULMAC) and as the Communications Chair at New Leaders Council Rhode Island (NLC).  In 2012, Michelazzo won the “Progreso For Small Business” award, and she was nominated for the “100 Women We Most Admire” by the Boston Ad club for 2012. She is a total sweetheart and it’s an honor to work with her on this series!
Chris Esper
Chris Esper is a director based out of Attleboro, MA. Originally from New Jersey, Chris developed a passion and love for film at a very young age. He has since directed several short films including, Still Life, a personal story about what it means to be an artist. The film has gone on to receive critical acclaim, worldwide distribution, accepted and screened at New Filmmaker’s New York Film Festival and won the “Best Film Editing” award at the 2013 Motif Theater and Film Awards. Aside from short films, he has also directed music videos, corporate videos and has also worked on other New England productions in the camera and editing department. He is also one of the nicest guys in the business, along with Curtis!
Andrew Adler
I just met Andrew, folks, and let me tell you – this guy is funny. After he studied communications and theater in college, he focused most of
his film efforts as an actor in front of the camera. Recently, he broadened his horizons behind the scenes as executive producer and co-founder of Vendetta Motion Pictures with Jr
 Hepburn – what a pair!  Follow Andrew on Twitter: @AndrewAdler1.
Stephanie Castaños
Stephanie is the creative producer and co-founder of Macremi Inc., along with Creusa Michelazzo. It is a full-service media, community development and public relations company.
Castaños is an artist, filmmaker and youth advocate.  She began her career in the entertainment industry with the Spanish-speaking network, Telemundo.  In 2012, her personality and passion for the community gave her an opportunity to tour the country with, the nation’s largest youth smoking prevention campaign. Castaños was also chosen as the Spanish spokesperson for Earth Day in Washington D.C.  She provided information to nationwide Spanish TV and radio.She is excited to be part of numerous community and film projects. Follow Stephanie on Twitter: @SCastanos. She is another vibrant young woman who is making things happen!
Rosemary Pacheco  


And then there was me.  As you all probably know by now, I’m an actress and writer
 on the local indie film scene in New England.  My column, “Scene and Heard,” is a compilation of  film news for Motif Magazine in Rhode Island. I am also writing my first  feature articles for Imagine Magazine in Boston. I’m based in Rhode Island, and I’m also the  the co-host of the Motif TV film review show called Take Two with Nick Iandolo.  I was also nominated for the “100 Women We Most Admire” by the Boston Ad club, like Creusa and Carlyne! In addition,  I am filming my first feature, Raz Cunningham’s mockumentary, Special Feature; and appear in the final season of the web series Red Circles, created by Seth Chitwood.  I am also in pre-production on a second feature film called One with DiBacco Films, and just got cast in Richard Marr-Griffin’s Accidental Incest – all this while running a wedding and event design company called Daniel Rose Silk Effects. (I need a vaca!) Follow me on Twitter :@DanielRoseSilks 
Lisa Lombardi
lisaSince 1993, Lisa Lombardi always felt a strong draw to the movie industry. Her love for styling and makeup artistry brought her in touch with her first film, Irish Whisper out of Boston. This opportunity ignited a passion in her for life on a movie set.  From this film came another called Self Storage done right here in RI, for Woodhaven Productions. She worked on five episodes of  the TV show, “Mike n Molly”  for Warner Bros. Studio in 2012, and has now signed a 5-year contract with Disney in Orlando, Fla., for the first week of every month, where she produces her work for a film or TV show. She has now expanded her talents to the music industry, and is also the head stylist for many of the fundraisers in RI, donating  her time to worthy causes and organizations. Lisa’s  work ranges from camera ready faces to covering full body tattoos. She has great respect for the creative energy  and dedication on set – mainly because it matches her own.
2014 is shaping up to be a special year. 2013 certainly was, and I’ve had almost more opportunity than I can handle! Look forward to Nick Iandolo and me doing more episodes of Take Two for MoTiv, the first of which will showcase the two Toms, Tom Paolino and Tommy DeNucci. This will air in January, where we will review Tommy’s film Army of the Damned and let those guys chat it up and tell us what’s next.
Remember: Speed … Rolling … Action!