Stop, Rock, & Roll: October 2023

Welcome back to Stop, Rock, & Roll! As autumn falls, here are five new local songs to listen to in the cooling weather.

Leatherrax – “K9”

Wailing feedback opens the debut single from garage rock two-piece Leatherrax. Booming drums enter the picture as a lethal combo of bass and guitar grinds forward. The tempo eventually picks up, but the heaviness persists, as the song moves through a thick, auditory sludge. On top of this sonic mudslide, shouted vocals pierce through like a lance, providing both an excellent counterpoint and complement to the surrounding noise.


Foxxdye – “between the lines”

Foxxdye’s second single builds off the foundation of the first. Guitars that sound straight out of the `80s coalesce with punchy drums and vocals that drift by like those of Tame Impala. Overall, the song is sleeker and more confident, with the vocals standing out more and the tempo driving forward in a way that demands the listener dance. Foxxdye continues to prove that local indie rock can be polished and dreamy while not losing its heart.

Serious Goose – “Everyday Life”

I don’t often hear local music with a reggaeton beat. However, the debut single from Brown University-based Serious Goose does exactly that. Dusky guitars combine with smooth vocals to give the song a very distinct feel. Previously mentioned reggaeton mixes with indie rock and funk before the clouds burst and the song crashes into a 2010-styled indie dance groove. “Everyday Life” is an adventure from start to finish, and Serious Goose’s next single is eagerly anticipated.

Emma Rosenkranz – “Loving’s Gotten Harder with You”

Speaking of Brown, Emma Rosenkranz also went there. Her new single combines the airy vocals of artists such as Billie Eilish with light strings and acoustic guitars. The song sounds as if it were meant to be listened to in a candlelit room. The harmonies at the end of the chorus reminded me of Silk Sonic, which the overall chill feel of the track complements. The result is a great song, one that demonstrates Rosenkranz’s strengths.

DogTree – “Rebecca”

Here is yet another debut single. DogTree, a new band that features members of Rather Nice, have finally emerged onto the scene after months of hype. “Rebecca” features warped guitars and vocals that sound like Calvin Johnson from Beat Happening in slow motion. Suddenly, the guitars become distorted and the song almost becomes shoegaze. Over crashing drums and waves of guitars, a saxophone struts across the sea. The song then combines its shoegazey side with its funky side, creating an intriguing kaleidoscope of noise. Clearly, DogTree is a band that isn’t afraid to take risks, which is certainly commendable.