Subterranean Jungle

Subterranean Jungle: Gambling with clams and hurricanes

Christina Dedora, Cheryl Pynn, Kendra Doe-Mode, and Grace Feisthamel are Rhode Island-based farmers working at Blue Skys Farm, Sanctuary Herbs, Southside Community Land Trust, and Weatherlow Farm, respectively; all recently had their music video debut.

Jeff Toste of the Providence-based Detroit Rebellion pitched them the video concept for the band’s song “Hedge Your Bets,” a cautionary tale of culture and media in decline. The song is from Fake News. Toste wanted the farmers to play a group of friends playing poker who turn out to be “card sharks.”

When asked why he invited local farmers to be part of the band’s video, Toste said, “I liked the irony of having people of integrity play unscrupulous characters. It’s just the opposite of who they are, so I felt it would emphasize the song’s message: If you can’t trust your neighbors, what kind of community do you have?” Toste continued, “In a world of cultural division and media bias causing frustration and confusion, it makes local farmers producing foods from which you can trust the source, all the more essential to your physical and mental health.”

Speaking to her involvement in the making of the video Dedora said, “I liked the message of the song and video. If “the game is rigged,” how do we find accountability? At least locally we know who the “players” are. From food to media, the narrative of the video can apply to many different topics.”

“I’m a fan of local arts and local farms supporting one another,” Toste added. “If we create more opportunities to work together to educate, uplift, and bring the community together as a whole, then everybody wins.”

The Quahogs Premiere New Music Video

Seems crazy, but it has been 7 years since The Quahogs released an album. In the interim, the world went crazy, a few times. The band suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of drummer Nick Iddon from cancer last year. 

The good news is new tunes are coming, with a new album in the works for later this year. Fresh off taking home Best Rock Band at the Motif Music Awards, check out the first track from the new record, “For What Reason,” a classic early 70’s Stones like romp, below. My favorite part of the video, besides seeing the shots of Nick, is how the vocals don’t line up with the live shots at all.

Jenny Hurricane — Two Decades of Being a Creep and Still Rockin’!

It seems crazy that it has been twenty-two years since the Midnight Creeps first came out from the punk rock gutters, influenced by the likes of The Cramps, The Plasmatics, and The Stooges, to put on some of the most electric shows seen here or anywhere. The Creeps toured the country multiple times, performed at festivals in England, depending on what you count released two or three albums, a couple of EPs, and in general had a really successful run. The Creeps are still around, albeit mostly performing locally. Which is fine, because chances are nobody in California is reading this. Their sound has evolved as members have come and gone over the years, but the Creeps have never strayed far from their punk rock roots. 

Midnight Creeps were recently asked to contribute a couple of songs to the movie THRUST! that was created by long-time fan, Victor Bonacore. The movie, which features the Creeps songs “I Just Can’t Get It Right” and “Menstrual Institution,” doesn’t, as of yet, have a PVD screening, but I’m told that is being worked on for this summer. To find out what else is going on in Creepsville USA, I talked to singer Jenny Hurricane about her more than two decades being a Creep, how the band got involved in the new movie, and what the band is up to these days. 

Marc Clarkin (Motif): Doomed from the Get Go came out almost 20 years ago — what a mind fuck, right? How do you feel when you look back on those tunes?

Jenny Hurricane: It’s like a time vault that I get to peek into. I find the songs fun, brutally honest, juvenile, celebratory and tortured. It reminds me of how hard our young little bodies and brains were working. It comes with so many memories of people and times – good and bad – very nostalgic. Our energy at that time was so vibrant, nice and powerful. We were all in it to win it.

MC: How did you become involved in the movie THRUST!?

JH: The movie THRUST! was created by Victor Bonacore, who was a fan of the Midnight Creeps when he was a young kid living on Long Island. He is now all grown up and lives in Ohio. He has written his masterpiece THRUST! that is described as “a post apocalyptic girl gang movie, where men are the scum of the Earth and women rule the world.” The main girl gang in the movie has a clubhouse and Victor asked us to be the house band. The movie is disgustingly beautiful, pornographically grotesque, visually stunning, and painfully lovely, oh yeah, and Linnea Quigley is one of the stars.

MC: You are one of the most captivating performers I’ve ever seen. I’m curious: From your view, how has it changed over 20 years? Is it still exciting to perform? 

JH: After four broken bones and many visits to the hospital, I’m glad to say I’ve calmed down a bit. Although I enjoy performing and being physical on stage, I now concentrate more on my voice. I’m not just throwing myself all over the place, punching boys, breaking hearts, and breaking bones. There’s still times that the Hurricane may give the night a black eye, but let’s just say the Hurricane is now more of a Tropical Storm. She can still make you run for cover, it’s just not an everyday occurrence. 

MC: What’s next, any plans to put new songs up? I know you have a few.

JH: We recorded three songs before the pandemic with Richard Marr, the same genius that recorded our other two albums. We would like to put it out on vinyl, so we’re working towards that. We’re busy writing new songs and hope to put out a new album this year as well. I’m very happy with the new line-up we have, Cory Taylor of The Paraplegics, Jami Sleaze, and Paul “Zeus” Sousa of Dave Tessier’s All-Star Stars. They are all incredibly intelligent, creative, and – don’t tell anyone, but – complete sweethearts. It’s great to be writing and playing with them. Every new dynamic is interesting to grow with and this one has been incredibly inspiring physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You can catch Midnight Creeps with The Mooodrunners, Balloon Thief, and Structure Sound rocking Dusk in Providence on May 5.

Coming Attractions:

  • Left on Luther, Queensboro Hustlers, and Foul Weather Friends rock Askew on May 5. 
  • Lydia Loveless and The Quahogs play Askew on May 7 which promises to be a great Sunday of music. 
  • Matthew Logan Vasquez (of Delta Spirit) with Danny Golden and Bethany Killian play Askew on May 19.
  • The Schemers return to the Met Cafe in Pawtucket on May 20. 
  • Sun Ra Arkestra, Shabazz Palaces, and The Leland Baker QuartetQuaret come to the Met Cafe on May 21. 
  • Christopher Paul Stelling and Isabel Castellvi are at the Columbus Theatre on May 20.
  • The Legendary Shack Shakers, Dex Romweber, Viva Le Vox, and Muddy Ruckus rock Alchemy on May 26.
  • Stregalia, a night of witchery featuring Vudu Sister, Savoir Faire, Jake Wesson MD and burlesque dancing by Maiden X goes down at Askew on May 26.

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