Subterranean Jungle: Music Video Premier

I’ve talked a lot about the Detroit Rebellion in recent months. It is up on the interwebs, if you care. About how much I think they suck… just kidding, they are one of my favorite bands! They write great songs about underdogs that keep punching, which is in my wheelhouse. The new album is great, so stream Fake News, till they pay artists fairly or forever. Check out the video for “Hedge Your Bets,” premiering below, with the liner notes. We are so honored to be premiering the video, which officially releases… NOW!

Christina Dedora, Cheryl Pynn, Kendra Doe-Mode, and Grace Feisthamel are Rhode Island-based farmers working at Blue Skys Farm, Sanctuary Herbs, Southside Community Land Trust, and Weatherlow Farm, respectively; all recently had their music video debut.

Jeff Toste of the Providence-based Detroit Rebellion pitched them the video concept for the band’s song “Hedge Your Bets,” a cautionary tale of culture and media in decline. The song is from Fake News. Toste wanted the farmers to play a group of friends playing poker who turn out to be “card sharks.”


When asked why he invited local farmers to be part of the band’s video, Toste said, “I liked the irony of having people of integrity play unscrupulous characters. It’s just the opposite of who they are, so I felt it would emphasize the song’s message: If you can’t trust your neighbors, what kind of community do you have?” Toste continued, “In a world of cultural division and media bias causing frustration and confusion, it makes local farmers producing foods from which you can trust the source, all the more essential to your physical and mental health.”

Speaking to her involvement in the making of the video Dedora said, “I liked the message of the song and video. If “the game is rigged,” how do we find accountability? At least locally we know who the “players” are. From food to media, the narrative of the video can apply to many different topics.”

“I’m a fan of local arts and local farms supporting one another,” Toste added. “If we create more opportunities to work together to educate, uplift, and bring the community together as a whole, then everybody wins.”