Epic’s “Leaving Rhode Island” Gives Residents New Perspective

Each July Kevin Broccoli, actor, playwright, and the Artistic Director of Epic Theatre Company, creates a month-long theater event involving a large group of actors from throughout the state of Rhode Island. Broccoli writes and directs the actors, who perform monologues and scenes focused around a single theme. This is the fifth year, and the […]

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2nd Story Theatre Kills it with Classic Christie Murder Mystery

Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None plays in repertory this summer at the 2nd Story Theatre in Warren. The synopsis sounds much like the long-running television series “Survivor.” However, the people trapped on this island are being eliminated by death, not tribal council. The entire story and setting is a throw-back to a more […]

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FringePVD Brings Work on the Fringe Into the Fold

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society was founded in 1958 to accommodate the influx of artists and performers who tended to appear around the edges of the traditional Edinburgh Festival, unannounced and unplanned. Instead of discouraging these performers from dropping in, they were incorporated into the event in the slightly anarchic spirit of the performers themselves. […]

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