True Love Is All Around You

 Live music becomes a gateway to love

heartHeadphonesIt’s easy to become consumed with finding the right partner. Our primal urges combined with ego fulfillment turn love into something to be obtained, rather than something that is all around us. As a conscious being, will you ever truly be happy fulfilling these animal instincts? Joy does not come only from human relations, yet many people seek to fulfill their need for love solely through companionship. Those who pursue love in this fashion tend to feel unfulfilled or even dependent on others.  But you must first love you and your unique life experience before extending true love to anyone else. Find what drives you, and let your passion take you down a road of love. When you stop looking for love from another person, you’ll start to see love is everywhere you look.

So what does love have to do with music? It’s one of the simple joys in life. You can love it and sometimes feel the love in it. Music can be a mood booster and whether performed or simply heard, can be salvation to those feeling desperation. Every live show is a unique moment in time that will never happen the same way again.

The core of your spirit comes from new experiences, so it’s important to keep your soul expanding by being open to inspiration and new experiences, like live shows, which allow for appreciation and wonder, the gateways to love. When people feel sad, the simplest explanation is they are disconnected from the universe. If you’re not enjoying what’s happening in your life, find a way to eliminate the bad and bring in something that gives you joy.


When the music plays, some people become so entranced with finding a dance partner that they forget to appreciate the beauty of the notes being played, just like some people are so consumed with the tanned bodies at the beach they miss the beauty right in front of them.  The ocean endlessly kisses the sand, giving love with every wave of hesitation and progression.

As we enter February and approach Valentine’s Day, couples are reminded to show appreciation to each other and single people are often reminded of their lone status.  For the solos, it’s often hard to appreciate that the greatest love for yourself should stem from your experiences.  That’s the difference between loneliness and solitude. When you appreciate you are part of the grand universe, loneliness naturally dissipates.

February also has a lineup of fantastic shows in Providence for you to experience. Lettuce has their Providence debut at Fete on February 6.  Umphrey’s McGee will have their first show at Lupo’s on February 7. Resin Ed and Elephant have a double album release at The Spot on February 8. Use any one of these performances to see the love surrounding music.  Will you seek to find the love in music, nature, art, even silence, and transcend into a different mindset? When you love and appreciate your existence, the universe’s light shines on you. Let that light guide you on your journey, and may the music have you dancing along the way.