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Alt-Nation: WBRU Rock Hunt Champions Torn Shorts

The highest compliment I can give this year’s WBRU Rock Hunt is that in the anxious minutes before the midnight announcement, there was no clear-cut winner. All the bands played to their strengths, so I could see the announcement going any which way. The Brother Kite brought their shimmering Brit-pop infused A-game. Torn Shorts picked up where they left off in semi-finals with a solid start that once again won the room over. Kid Mountain impressed, but by the end of their set things started to get a little generic sounding in the vein of something like the band Fun or other modern rock bands of the same ilk. Lolita Black singer, Scarlett Delgado, addressed those who thought that their band was too heavy for commercial rock radio by saying, “A lot of people also said that at one time about the band that wrote this next song.” Lolita Black then proceeded to do a blistering cover of Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings.” Lolita Black dropped the hammer with a ferocious eruption of metal-infused punk rock with Delgado pulling out all the stops, including crowd surfing at one point.

When the confetti did rain down, so did plenty of boos as Torn Shorts was crowned the champion. This was more a product of the competitiveness of the event than anything Torn Shorts did. The bands were good, and there is going to be passionate people on different sides. Torn Shorts has a lot going on; I’ve heard people describe them as a jam band, an alternative band and even classic rock. They’re pretty good, and check out Torn Shorts’ new CD release, Through the Mill.

Check out the champs in person when Torn Shorts performs at AS220 on April 16th where they’ll play with Corin Ashley, Hey Ice Machine and Wash Hollow.  


Odds & Sods

Green Day make their first appearance in Providence since probably sometime in the mid-90s at the Dunkin Donuts Center on April 9th. It’s good to see The Dunk bringing some arena rock shows to town.  Ants In The Cellar, Last Remaining Pinnacle and Me After You will bring the rock ‘n’ roll thunder to AS220 on April 10th. The Spot has an epic show with Girls Guns & Glory, Consuelo’s Revenge and Smith & Weeden on April 12th. This show is a CD Release for Consuelo’s Revenge’s excellent self-titled debut that was reviewed here last week. Plumerai, Kris Hansen, Nymphidels and Daniel Ouellette & the Shobjin will be at Firehouse 13 on April 12th. The Met Café hosts the legendary Graham Parker & The Rumour on April 12th. Math The Band, Doomsday Student and Foot Soldier will play what promises to be a big night at AS220 on April 12th. Singer/Songwriter Joe Pug comes to town in support of his new album, The Great Despiser, at the Columbus Theatre on April 13th. Born Ruffians, Ravi Shavi and Moon King are at Firehouse 13 on April 14th. The Scandals, Melt Into Place and Faber are at AS220 on April 14th.

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