There Will Be No Survivors: The 8th Annual Providence Zombie Night is Upon Us!

zombie2 copyOn Saturday, October 17, as the sun hides behind the horizon, the dead shall walk the streets of downtown Providence once more! The Reverend Al Mighty has promised to go above and beyond to present this year’s Providence Zombie Night – a freakishly fun 21+ block party held at the Dark Lady at 19 Snow Street.

Last year’s block party on Union Street set a record of 2,800 dancing dead. This year’s location is primed for a larger gathering at the Quarantine Zone. “So far, we’ve had 2,500 say they are coming. Historically we go about 1 ½ to 2 times the number who RSVP on the Facebook page – I’m scared,” laughed the Reverend. “Don’t worry, you won’t be packed in. There will be plenty of space to dance.”  Additionally, the city will allow this year’s festivities to be live and loud until 2am!

Returning from last year is the second-ever Providence street-side Boolesque, a horror-themed burlesque featuring Rev’s hand-picked all-star cast: Bettysioux Tailor, Dot Mitzvah, Vanil LaFrappe, Vivienne LaFlame and a very special performance from Kurt Fowl. “Anyone who shows up late misses [the Boolesque]. This is the time to come early!”


Coming early also has another benefit – cheaper admission! Expect a discounted rate from 7 to 9pm. All attending zombies will be given a bracelet for re-entry. “Part of the fun is roaming around the block in case you want to visit the neighboring bars.” And food trucks have been called in to prevent the undead from devouring the brains of the locals.

“It’s an event that attracts a lot of crazy people in this city,” said Reverend Al. Indeed it has! The event will feature not one, but two stages with special guests including drag superstar Jackie Beat, co-host Sabrina Blaze, DJ’s Tank and the Riddler, DJ AV8, and many other surprise performances. “[In previous years] we’ve had Art on the Spot, TEN31, RKO – they’re all competing against each other with people on that stage.”

He refers to the outdoor stage hosting the Best Zombie Contest, the winner of which will receive a $666 prize at the stroke of midnight. Last year saw zombie versions of Lego Man, Jesus, Macho Man, and even the infamous couple from American Gothic. The production crew for this year’s event is expecting many attendees to go above and beyond. “There’s a reason I only do this once a year, even though people have asked for it. Because I want everything put into the one night, one show.”

Reverend Al gives some parting words of advice: “Get here early! Make sure you have a designated driver!”  And just like every year: “If someone is caught being uncivilized toward other zombies, or taking things a little out of control, they will be eaten on sight.”

So if you are out walking the streets of downtown Providence on October 17, beware the grotesquely gorgeous zombie horde. They might just lure you to a hauntingly fantastic time.

Providence Zombie Night starts at 7pm on October 17 at The Dark Lady in PVD. For more information, go to