Be The Fan

fanThere are many intricate pieces involved in creating a truly memorable live show. You must give credit to everyone involved, from the booker, to the merchandise girl, to the percussionist on stage. It takes the support of many hard working people to create an amazing experience that holds in your memory for a lifetime. Now, I’m no musician and you wouldn’t want to even hear me try. It’s important in this world to find your place and know your role in life. Every one of us has a chance at greatness. If you’re unsure of your role, look at what’s going on around you. Or perhaps it’s better if you listen.

The musicians in our local area are singing their hearts out to show you a glimpse of their magic. Some are inclined to pick up a guitar or beat drums, while others delve into the world of infinite electronic sounds. The instrument chosen is less important than the inspiration within. Have no doubt that as I witness an incredible music scene in Rhode Island, I witness the appreciation within the crowd. People go home from a show like Consider The Source with The Mantras and reflect on an incredible experience that may shape their existence. It’s a display of other people’s talents inspiring others. The most amazing moment of this evening for me was John Ferrara, bassist of Consider The Source, sitting quietly in the back of the room playing his unplugged bass while The Mantras dazzled the crowd. He wasn’t practicing for his set, he was playing along with them. He had taken on the most important role in the show:  the fan. The music falls on deaf ears if there is no crowd. The crowd drives the musician forward, and gives him a purpose. You need music in your life, but the music also needs you.

So are you ready for more live music? You deserve the happiness that an extraordinary show provides. Take a look at your local music venues calendar because there are some great shows coming up. Sometimes the best stuff is a hidden gem. A perfect example is super-group The Nth Power coming to The Spot Underground on December 15. Consisting of an array of unbelievably talented performers, like Nigel Hall from Lettuce and Nikki Glaspie of Dumpstaphunk, this band will bring a soulful jazzy experience like none you’ve ever heard. With supporting acts, Resin Ed, the entrancing one-man-funk-band, and Sex on Decks, loaded with an array of hypnotically precise beats, this is a night that will breathe life and love into the crowd. Some people have become cynical and will say there’s no quality music anymore. But they are looking in the wrong places. Music is ever-changing and evolving, and a show like this one will inspire you if you let it. It can remind you of the greatness within us all. So come be the most important part of the show, come be what the musicians feed from. Come be the fan. I’ll be right beside you.