Album Of The Week: Caddywhompus’ Feathering A Nest

caddyWhen you think of the music of New Orleans, the obvious route you’ll take will be delving into The Big Easy’s rich history of jazz and brass bands. Well, there’s a spectacular duo from there with a new album out that sounds nothing like Jelly Roll Morton or your high school marching band. Psychedelic math noise rock (is that even a genre?) act Caddywhompus has a righteous record out, Feathering A Nest, that’s as inventive and weird as their name. Distortions, downbeats and an amazing flow with each track makes this album a true diamond in the rough.

An interesting way of recording that makes listening to it that much better is that there are no gaps of silence in between the songs on Feathering A Nest. It gives the experience of their live performance (which is pretty awesome) raging right through your speakers. The whole album deserves to be listened to from front to back due to each track having its own special quality and fantastic tone. The melding of Sean Hart’s feverish drumming skills and the impeccable notes on guitar from vocalist Chris Rehm really makes this duo something else. Prepare for loud riffs and beats that’ll sneak up on you throughout the album.

So this is my last Album Of The Week of 2014, but I guess you have so many gift ideas now. Why not give the gift of music this holiday season? It’s way better than giving tighty whities or an old pair of socks as a present. To prep you for the gift giving extravaganza, along with dealing with your creepy uncle that you still question your relation to, here are the top tracks off of my Album Of The Week:


Echoing vibes on guitar and stick tapping kick off “Stuck” in soothing fashion, but then those echoes become feedback and those tapping sticks become energetic beats for truly electrifying portions of the track. Another great one is “Company;” walls of immense sound from the drums and guitars getting rigidly loud are all over this number for an epic experience. Very punk and shoegaze, “Thirst” is the biggest candidate to be the mosh pit starter from the album with driving riffs and forceful vigor.

Caddywhompus are currently in the middle of a West Coast tour in support of the release of Feathering A Nest, and they’ll be hitting up The Church Of Fun in Los Angeles on Dec 13. They played an awesome show at The Fatt Squirrel in Providence back in November and let’s hope they come back to The Creative Capital sometime next year. Until then, you better get a copy of Feathering A Nest. Once you give it a listen your inner sense of bliss will definitely hatch.

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