Dale J Rappaneau, Jr

Editorial Assistant for Providence Media, Contributing Editor for RI Local, freelancer for many more - Dale J Rappaneau, Jr, writes in many colors. When away from the keyboard, he enjoys long-distance backpacking and making sweet, sweet love to an accordion. Contact: Email or Tweet @DaleRappaneau.

Five Questions: An Interview with Alison Blackwell

  Self-described as a “roller derby girl, budding accordionist, lover of all comics,” Alison Blackwell brings to the artistic table a wealth of eccentricities – none more impressive than her illustrations of people both real and fictional – and her work can be found in magazines and galleries across the state. Dale J Rappaneau, Jr: […]

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Five Questions: An Interview with Clothing Designer Always Starving

Earlier this year, Scott Nelson and Chris Bullock co-founded Always Starving, an artistically designed clothing line that practically oozes style. Their first major creation was a shirt that read, “That Shit Krejci” – a mash-up of Kanye West’s “That Shit Cray” and the Bruins’ ever-so-popular number 46, David Krejčí. From there, the two have continued […]

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Five Questions: An Interview with Jeffrey Silverthorne

The recently deceased, transsexuals, female impersonators – photographer Jeffrey Silverthorne, a professor in the visual arts department at Roger Williams University, flocks to these subjects like a moth to flame. Most known for Morgue Series, a collection of photos of the freshly dead in a Rhode Island morgue, his work is as grotesque as it […]

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