Ted DiLucia

WALKING ALONE: an interview with artist Stephen Gervais

Before Netflix, illustrator Stephen Gervais gave a fresh look to Shirley Jackson’s furiously frightful novel The Haunting of Hill House. Stephen has captured in graphite the walls that continued to stand upright, the floors that remained firm, every door sensibly shut, and not to disturb the silence that lies steadily against the wood, but most […]

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Highlights of Yesterday’s Pieces: A selected guide to the RISD Museum collection

Mummy of Nesmin, 170-30 BCE: It rest among us! The mummy Nesmin is the heart and soul of the museum’s collection. On display since 1938, this once high-priest is now the sun around which all other works inside the museum revolve. Nesmin has been the subject of debate about whether it is improper to showcase […]

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