Stop! Collaborate and Listen: Cambridge Innovation Center lands in PVD

Everyone’s talking about the brand spankin’ new Wexford Innovation Center down on Dyer Street, which had its grand opening on July 17. Even more interesting is its anchor tenant — the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) — which will be opening its doors officially next month. I recently sat down with Joy Fox, CIC’s media relations specialist, to get the scoop. 

Bradly VanDerStad (Motif): What exactly is CIC? 

Joy Fox: CIC supports companies of all sizes with flexible, shared office space and innovative programming, designed to help them thrive and grow. Whether you are a start-up of one or an established company looking to get a foothold in Providence, CIC works with everyone. 


Our space is intentionally designed to foster creativity, innovation and collaboration. Through supporting thousands of companies, we have learned that providing a space for people to share ideas is critical to building and growing economic ecosystems. 

On a practical level, CIC takes care of your back-end office operations. Our high-touch support includes everything from staffing a reception desk and ensuring 24/7 security to providing IT support, unlimited printing and copying and stocking the kitchen with snacks. We are happy to help make your day run smoothly. And by handling the back-end, our clients are able to focus on innovation, growth and success. 

BV: Why was Providence chosen for the new location? 

JF: Why not Providence? It’s an exciting place to be. Within a 10-minute walk of our building you have higher education institutions at the top of their game in design, medicine, computer science, food and more; some of the best restaurants and theaters in the country; and a rail system that easily connects you to Boston and New York. 

BV: What can you say about RI’s innovation ecosystem? 

JF: It’s getting stronger all the time. People are seeing the state’s potential and investing. 

We are excited to be a part of this community in Providence, and complementing the great work that is happening, just like we do in our other seven locations. 

Time and again, we hear companies are searching for talented people. CIC Providence has a role to play in helping smaller companies attract and retain talent. We offer amenities on par with larger corporations, and provide members access to our global network of innovators and space. 

BV: Which is better — Providence or Boston?

JF: Providence! But if you have a CIC membership, you can use our locations in Boston and Cambridge if you really need to leave our great city.

The CIC launch party takes place on Fri, Oct 4 at 6pm. For more information and to RSVP, go to