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RI Tattoo Awards, taking place at Gansett Brewery, 210 Tockwotton Ave, Providence, Rhode Island on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Doors at 6pm, show from 6:30 – approximately 9pm. Here is the event on Facebook – feel free to spread the word!  Register to model here! Requirements Participants must have an aesthetically pleasing collection of […]

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401Gives Back: 401Gives provides an opportunity for the community to support local nonprofits

401Gives is a statewide, online fundraising event in which RI nonprofits can sign up to receive donations from generous participants. The event is relaunching on April 1, 2022 (4/01), and describes itself as RI’s largest day of giving. Jennifer Remmes, director of resource operations at United Way describes 401Gives as “a modern day telethon … […]

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Ukraine vigil Sat, Mar 26, 4pm, RI State House: Interfaith humanitarian relief effort

An umbrella group calling itself “Rhode Islanders for Ukraine” announced a vigil in support of the Eastern European nation, now fighting against an invasion by Russia, to be held Saturday, March 26, at 4pm on the south side of the RI State House, “to pray and raise financial support for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. This is […]

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Rhode Island Woman Awarded $1.3 Million After Botched Surgery

Sponsored Post A Rhode Island woman was recently awarded $1.3 million after she had gallstone surgery, resulting in months of prolonged complications due to medical negligence at Kent Hospital. Although in most cases, Rhode Island healthcare professionals meet acceptable standards of care, malpractice can and does happen. Fortunately, legal help is on hand to help injured patients […]

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Saturday 3am-7pm rain then possible snow: Little accumulation

At Providence, rain Saturday with temperatures in the 40s until 4pm, with decreasing temperatures possibly causing a change to snow for a short time before ending 7pm. Flash freezing as temperatures drop to the low 20s overnight could cause slippery road conditions from wet surfaces. Median accumulation forecast is a fraction of an inch, with […]

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Retail Gasoline Price Increases: The crude truth

As retail gasoline prices rise above $4.00 per gallon, a lot of misinformation and even disinformation is circulating purporting to explain this. Let’s try to get to the real reasons. The historical peak for retail gasoline was in 2008 when the consumer price reached what would be $5.20 per gallon today, adjusted for inflation, and […]

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Wednesday 10am-9pm snow: 1-3 inches accumulation

At Providence, snow is likely Wed 10am-9pm. Although the precipitation will fall as snow, in the metropolitan area temperatures several degrees above freezing are likely to reduce ground accumulation, and temperatures are not expected to fall below freezing until very late overnight shortly before Thu sunrise, rising to an afternoon high of 50F. Median accumulation […]

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RI COVID-19 Test Standing Order: Allows direct billing insurance at pharmacies

Under a new standing order, every person in RI with either Medicaid or private health insurance should be able to pick up COVID-19 rapid antigen test (RAT) kits from any pharmacy without having to pay up-front. Despite a federal government mandate that health insurers must cover up to eight kits per month for every covered […]

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Both Sides of the Great Resignation: Motif talks to both employees and business owners about the tight labor market

“The Great Resignation” is a phrase coined by Texas A+M professor Anthony Klotz in the spring of 2021 to describe the higher-than-normal quit rate in the American workforce. This has sent a ripple effect through the economy, dividing Americans over whether citizens have become empowered or lazy. Motif talked to some RIers on both sides […]

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