Cupid’s Arrow: Left and right should join forces in disruption

As we enter the so-called season of love, politics in Rhode Island are producing a love story between unlikely partners, and they may not even realize that Cupid’s arrow hath struck Smith Hill. I have occasionally floated the notion that Rhode Island may be better off by, in a broad sense, temporarily abandoning the conventional […]

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Underground Railroad: An alternate view of the abolitionist movement

“[I] kept on getting up. A little slower. And a lot more deadly.” -Assata Shakur The Underground Railroad is traditionally taught to be an early 19th century clandestine network of white abolitionist and free Negroes who used various modes of transport to successfully whisk away countless numbers of enslaved Africans from their unsuspecting slave masters. […]

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Rhody in Love: Young people hook-up, but not all is rosy in the Ocean State

It’s not easy being young. Millennials and their juniors face an uphill battle arguably more arduous than any generation has faced since the Second World War. An ever-competitive workforce characterized by low income, long hours and unrealistic expectations of 24/7 loyalty and availability is the norm, with unfavorable rates of interest, legacies of debt and […]

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Satisfy Your KRAEV-ing: With tortillas, Tex-Mex and maybe some dance moves

It wasn’t long ago that I found myself covered in flour, rolling dough with a glass bottle, reforming an amoeba-like shape into a circle, struggling to make it thin rather than pancake thick — but despite all evidence to the contrary, after twice flipping this “tortilla” and letting it cool just long enough to tear […]

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And Now for Something Completely Different: John Cleese talks about decades of making us laugh

Okee dokee folks… Back in the early ’70s, I was part of the first very fortunate generation of Americans that discovered “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” on late night TV. It was the funniest and most original program that I had ever seen. My friends and I would watch it whenever we could and recreate the […]

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Five Fun Things To Do: Jan 29 – Feb 4

WED 29 PechaKucha Vol 129: This month’s theme of the adult show and tell: reinvention. 7:20pm. Rooftop at the Providence G, 100 Dorrance St, PVD. FRI 31 OGP/ Hush Club/ Bochek/ Bicycle Inn: Soul/funk pop band.7:30 – 11:30pm. News Café, 43 Broad St, Pawtucket.  Daniel Denvir: Local host of the Dig podcast, he’s […]

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