Nothin’ But Good Scent-iments: Providence Perfume Co conducts a symphony of natural essences

After speaking with Charna Ethier, owner of the Providence Perfume Co in Pawtucket, Motif learned that music and perfume have more in common than we realized. Making great perfume can be like music for your nostrils, with intonations and layers that unravel one whiff at a time. “Perfumery is a mysterious art, but when you […]

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Paciorek on Pinks and Purples: Prolific painter talks color

Motif had the opportunity to speak with PVD-based artist, Nick Paciorek, known for his local and international landscapes, paintings that use big strokes of vivid color to create lively tones and atmosphere. Originally from Chicago, Paciorek has lived in RI for decades and currently creates art at The Pitcher-Goff house in Pawtucket: Luke Taylor (Motif): […]

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