Sham-Rocks, Plastic Paddies and Bar Brawls: Challenging the populist status quo

In 2019, “Saturday Night Live” aired a skit about an Irish date show that portrayed contestants as inbred knuckleheads with a reduced worldview and a propensity toward marrying their cousins. And it stood out like a sore thumb. Stereotypes are increasingly being shunned as the lowest form of humor, and remarkable progress has been made […]

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Life Shaving Decisions: Some beards cross the line — and not just that of good taste

Healthy by a Hair As the coronavirus looms, the CDC has issued an infographic advising which styles of facial hair render filtering face masks ineffective by preventing them forming a tight seal with the skin. Here are some key takeaways: The sheer variety of beards styles is staggering, ranging from Victorian farmer muttonchops and Spanish […]

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Total Speculation: An entirely hypothetical and unverified look at 2022 RI lieutenant gubernatorial potentials

The Boston Globe’s Ed Fitzpatrick recently published his list of 2022 Rhode Island gubernatorial potentials, so naturally, I wanted to follow-up with a list of my own of who to watch for, even this early on, for the number two executive role in the state, Lieutenant Governor.   Totally speculative, and for … “fun”?  Here’s the […]

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Washing Our Hands of It: Your superior correspondents are hoping for no whammies this primary season

A Quick Political Note Your superior correspondents do not believe the rumor (the one we’re starting right now) that the Democratic National Committee has decided that the best way to defeat the Orange Orangutan (aka Stable Genius) in the 2020 election is to go with an all-game show TV ticket of Steve Harvey for president […]

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Natural Shocks: lets slip the cute little pet dogs of war

This is not a theater review. Kelly Robertson performed the one-woman show Natural Shocks by Lauren Gunderson, directed by Erin Cawley, for a single sold-out night at Wilbury Group on Feb 18. Robertson has demonstrated impressive ability on stage, as I’ve noted previously in such shows as Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo […]

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Big Trouble in Little Warwick: Local residents don’t like change

The Latest Hollywood-Style Reboot: Hooters Returns For anyone who has ever hung out on Airport Road in Warwick, you’ll be familiar with the rapidly decaying Hooters building adjacent to All Stars Pub. Concerned that the sight will detract from Warwick’s beautiful skyline (and to distract from all his political problems), Mayor Solomon has vowed to […]

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It’s Only a Game: Sports dominate the news while the government circles the drain

Stoopid Bowl Through her wonderful generosity, our lovely and talented editor, Emily Olson, allowed P&J to get as close to Super Bowl coverage as possible. This was achieved by the gentle touch of two Glocks to our foreheads, which from suspense novels, crime movies and TV, Phillipe and Jorge find quite persuasive. So forgive any […]

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Cupid’s Arrow: Left and right should join forces in disruption

As we enter the so-called season of love, politics in Rhode Island are producing a love story between unlikely partners, and they may not even realize that Cupid’s arrow hath struck Smith Hill. I have occasionally floated the notion that Rhode Island may be better off by, in a broad sense, temporarily abandoning the conventional […]

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