Dressing For Success: Major Key — What To Wear In The Modern Workplace

The way you look sets the tone for success, so dressing appropriately in the workplace is major key (ah, DJ Khaled). But it’s hard to figure out what’s appropriate when the corporate workplace style has changed from Mad Men to Man Bun (ha-ha okay, okay I’m done).

So how do you look modern, chic and workplace-ready without wearing the plain attire dictated by tradition? I headed over to Shoppe Pioneer, a local boutique on South Main Street in Providence glued together by pioneering indie designers, contemporary fashion and hand-picked treasures. I met with Natalie Morello, the boutique owner who has a strong fashion background. Just walking around her store I saw a handful of unique prints and designs that also had a simplicity to them. And I didn’t even have to fish through a rack. I wanted to get an idea of what this local fashionista thought of the modern workwear world.

Alyssa Cavallo: How edgy can you get? What kind of styles can you go with?

Natalie Morello: I get a lot of attorneys. Most do a really funky dress and throw a blazer over it. You can mix and match and as long as you have a conservative feel to your look, you can push the limits now.

AC: What kind of jewelry and accessories do you suggest?

NM: Big statement necklaces are always great. They change up the styles a bit to push them forward.

AC: What trends interest you?

NM: The wide leg pant look. It’s a versatile look for work with a tucked in printed blouse. And it can work for all sizes from petite to tall.

AC: I think people are stuck on kitten heels and flats. Do you have a favorite shoe to wear in a corporate environment?

NM: In terms of style, I always prefer a wedge. I think it gives a little bit of height and still looks dressed up and comfortable.

Check out Shoppe Pioneer!

hot n’ fresh local picks!

Ready to make your statement now? Check out my local favorites for your new look!

Pretty Primerose Smock Dress

dressby Modern Love – 222 Westminister Street, Providence. (Available online, call for in-store) $89. Check it out!
That pattern is stunning! Dress it up or throw on ankle boots for the fall.

Tassel Time, Anytime!

necklaby Noon Design Shop – 18 Post Road, Warwick. (found on their Instagram: @noondesigns, call for availability)
Organic stones, great colors these are funky and a great accent with any dresscode. Pair with a patterened dress like the one above!