The Power and Glow of: Vegan Makeup and Oils

oilsThe new year has laid in its claws, and change is contagious. Some of your friends are probably celebrating the new year by going vegan or swearing by some liquid diet. Nothing wrong with that. But rather than making a major overhaul, I am a huge fan of making small changes and hoping for the big ones. Like, have you ever thought about switching to vegan body products or including essential oils in your daily routine? Here are some tips to rock your 2017, and a local guide to get the supplies you need.

I am not 100% vegan — I don’t cut all animal products out of my diet — but there are other ways to incorporate veganism into your life. For example — did you know there’s fish in mascara? Guanine is a crystal-like material with shimmering properties derived from fish scales, and it’s in most mascaras, nail polishes and lipsticks. There are about 20 more widely used animal byproducts including shark livers, beetles and more that are used in major brands from L’oreal to MAC, and for what? Just to achieve that perfect rosy pigment? That seems silly…

Taking the extra steps to buy body products with natural ingredients that also are animal cruelty/byproduct free is not only healthier for YOU, but can feel more rewarding. By taking this step, not only are you saying no to animal products, you are saying no to parabens (among other things), which is a common preservative used in body products that has been linked to breast cancer. Even some toothpastes and facial scrubs contain tiny plastic beads that bypass water treatment plants and end up in waterways where fish often mistake them for food. If you want to do better for yourself and the environment, here is the scoop on local spots to buy your new makeup and body products for the fresh new year.


Evolve Apothecary 769A Hope St, PVD | 401-383-3089 |

At Evolve, you can find super silky natural creams; perfumes, hair products and skin products; and a beautiful selection of a “bareminerals” type mineral foundation.

Flipp Salon: 38 Transit St, PVD | 401-274-1981|

At FLIPP you literally go and get your makeup MADE! Consult herbalist, Jo-Anna Cassino, and she can create a range of products designed for your specific medicinal or cosmetic needs. Ask about custom blended teas, skin care products and all-natural perfumes as well as organic herbs, essential oils, carrier oils and butters.

Apothecary Newport: 39 Memorial Blvd, Newport | 401-324 6253 |

Apothecary Newport is a great place to get a massage and buy retail products that suit the vegan, cruelty-free, organic world. In addition to massage, during a visit here you can get advanced facials, waxing and makeup. Look for well-known products such as theBalm, COOLA, Farmhouse Fresh and STILA. This place will make you feel like a pampered pooch with its pretty pink decor.

Essential Oils

Have you ever wanted to feel like a witch? I’m talking like the Alyssa Milano on “Charmed” kind — flawless and wielding a book on the uses of essential oils. Recently, that has become my new obsession. My mom started selling DoTerra essential oils, and I have to say I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 23ish years till I used one of their roller ball blends. It knocks me right out! For starters, purchasing pure lavender (calming properties) peppermint (cleansing, energy) and frankincense (immune health) can be a great way to introduce essential oils into your household, and there are plenty of companies that sell quality products. My favorite way to apply the oils is through a diffuser and by rollerballing them on my neck, wrists and bottoms of the feet. Now I just have to start working on my spellbook!