For the Couple Who Has Everything

Many same sex couples finally allowed to marry in Rhode Island have been together and sharing a household for years. They have love, romance, the long-awaited right to marry, and lots and lots of stuff. What’s a wedding guest in search of a meaningful gift for the happy couple to do? We have a few ideas.

Instead of going the traditional registry route, couples could ask for donations to a favorite charity or set up a fund for a dream vacation. If money feels too impersonal, a piece of art designed specifically for the brides and grooms would be a meaningful gift. A local company like Craftopia would surely be able to point clueless wedding guests in the right direction. Or what about a series of classes – the gift of time spent together? The more adventurous couple could choose a registry of, ahem, marital aids through a company like Athena or
naughtier guests could surprise the pair with something picked up from a stop at Mister Sister. And if none of these ideas strike your fancy, you could always take out a congratulatory ad in Motif magazine!

So if you’re invited to the wedding of a couple who already has 12 place settings and a KitchenAid that matches their décor, fear not. The possibilities aren’t exhausted – they’re limitless!

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