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Alt Nation: Hot People, Take Three

The Hot People of Local Rock ‘n’ Roll continues and this week we’re spotlighting our first male in the six or seven years of the series. This man is a giant, both in stature and on the local music scene. He has his own show on WARL that can be heard on Sundays at 5pm on 1320AM. He’s one of the organizers of the Banshee Festival. He on his own fronts a punk rock band that is playing at Firehouse 13 on March 22as part of the WXIN Rock Hunt. From the band Tony Jones & The Cretin 3, let’s meet Tony Jones

MC: Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 returns once again to the WXIN Rock Hunt. Do you like the competition aspect of these contests? How do you like your chances?


TJ: A lot of times these things get poo pooed on, but we tend to like them and have had good luck. It’s also great to play with bands and meet folks we normally wouldn’t have while out on our regular circuit. Also, WXIN does a great job with their hunt and for the younger kids in the audience we’re a bit different than what they are used to seeing. Last year’s 3rd place win for us helped to fund the recording of Midnight Mass, so that was cool. This year we have a few tricks up our sleeves, and some new tunes. I think we have a shot at once again going to the final.

MC: how would you describe your band to people that haven’t heard you?

TJ: Joe Moody describes us as “The Foremost Raunchabilly Band.” We bring a rockabilly/psychobilly sound infused with a bit of punk and garage, but we also try not to do too much of just one thing. With Midnight Mass consisting of only five tracks, we really took it as a chance to jump around. We go from stuff that is just plain fun, to heavy and dark. I like to make people ask, “Is this the same band?”

MC: You guys do some of my favorite covers from bands like The Independents to the Electric Six that most people don’t know about. I remember one WXIN Rock Hunt where other bands were getting dinged for covers but you guys weren’t because nobody knew it was a cover. What do you look for when choosing a song to cover and what are some of your favorites?

TJ: Not to over simplify, but we like to cover stuff that is fun – the tunes that you scream in the shower when no one is around. For me that can sometimes be some more obscure stuff. But we also like to throw in deep cuts from newer bands. I love to do The Cramps, and we always have a Ramones tune in our back pocket. We’ve actually started recording for a disc of all covers. We wanted to see some of the great tunes live on.

MC: What’s the Banshee Festival all about? Who’s playing and where can we get advance tickets?

TJ: I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with a bunch of different charity events over the years. Also, as you might have guessed, I’m also a big fan of horror and paranormal. When we found out that the great local charity, A Wish Come True (, had so much going on and so many kids they are currently working with, we wanted to help. We wanted to do something a bit different, and we wanted to go big. The Banshee Paranormal Festival is an all day all ages event at the historic Varnum Armory in East Greenwich on March 30. We’ll have vendors, paranormal groups, meet and greets and contests all day (including a beer-off with the R.I. Beard & Moustache Club). We’ll also have some live music kicking off at 7pm with The Evil Streaks, Reverend Bastien and November Party. Visit for the full skinny or


Lucero are a must see act in my book anytime they come to town. Lucero reminds me of punk rockers forming a country band. Over the years they’ve expanded their sound to include a horn section and have mixed in some soul on their last two records. They are one of the best live bands in the country today. The addition of Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons means that this show could definitely sell out. Get your advance tickets at the Lupo’s Box Office or online because trust me, you don’t want to get shut out!

Lucero with Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons rock the Met Café on March 23.

Rachel Brooke

The Roots Hoot House Concert Series has been quietly bringing national A-List talent to Peace Dale for intimate house concerts. Next up for the root series is Rachel Brooke who’s touring behind her excellent new album, Killer’s Dream. Brooke mixes old country and a dark blues vibe to create tunes that cut through the bone. For this tour she will be backed by Florida’s Viva le Vox for full rocking propulsion.  The Roots Hoot House Concert Series really nails in when it comes to finding talent that may not be well known at this time and creating exposure for the artist that he or she wouldn’t get as an unknown playing in a club.

Rachel Brooke backed by Viva le Vox will play in Peace Dale on March 24. Doors are at 4pm with the music starting at 4:30pm with an $18 suggested donation. The event is potluck BYOB. Advance reservations are required; email or call 965-0833. Advance tickets are available online at

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Photo by Lisa Gourley.