Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: May 2023

Aries: Personal finances along with very personal thoughts, feelings and all things private occupy you during this period. Mercury in retrograde until after the 14th provides the energy to think things through thoroughly. Once they’re distinct, you can verbalize your thoughts and you find folks around you are willing to listen. 

Taurus: Relationships, all levels and all types, require attention, conversation and adjustment. Some run smoothly and are quite pleasant while others are not so pleasant. Some harsh words are exchanged with some folks. Remember to keep your cool and state your case clearly. Know where you are coming from. Things clear up after the 15th.

Gemini: You realize how much your emotional health connects to your physical health. Worrying and nervousness stemming from emotional issues sends you off the beam. Ground and center yourself and realize some things are out of your control. Take care of what is under your purview. As for the rest, give it to whomever it belongs to.

Cancer: With Venus and Mars in your sign for most of the month you vacillate between passive and aggressive. As you go from one extreme to the other, try and remember that assertive is better than aggressive and don’t allow passivity to turn you into a doormat. Strike a healthy balance between the two. You are important and so are those around you.

Leo: While you don’t mind being in the spotlight, these days you are looking for some quiet, behind the scenes moments. There is a lot of activity and public events that prevent that, but you manage to find that time. The New Moon on the 19th provides a little push in a new direction. You are ready for some kind of change. You may shock some people with that change.

Virgo: Your usual immersion in the fine details takes a back seat as you take in the big picture of your life. You plan and dream big; this is the time to plant the seeds for the future. Helpful and not-so-helpful friends offer their opinions but ultimately it is up to you as to where you go and what you do. As month-end rolls around, you feel like taking some action.

Libra: Generally, money is not a motivating factor for you but this month there are some financial concerns. This may be due to some unexpected expenses or income. Some money may not come through as promised. Since things could go either way under these circumstances, pay close attention to your cash flow.

Scorpio: The month opens with a Lunar Eclipse in your sign. You feel like the odd man out. You’re “here” and everyone else is “over there.” You can’t seem to reach them and have trouble understanding where they are coming from. Even your oldest, nearest and dearest seem to be on another planet. Things clear up when Mercury goes direct on the 14th.

Sagittarius: Some behind the scenes mumbling and rumbling have altered your daily routine. Your workplace and space undergo changes that will prove to be beneficial. Some modernization was called for and long overdue. It is not all work, though, during this period: Romance and passion are on the menu as well. Yahoo!

Capricorn: Your professional network brings connections with like-minded individuals that you enjoy socializing with. A romantic liaison is a strong possibility with someone who is warm and nurturing. You are attracted because you recognize that you do need to be nurtured. This may not be the “be all” and “end all” of relationships but it will be beneficial to you. 

Aquarius: Pluto is giving you a taste of what is to come. This is about a long, slow process of transformation. In the short term, changes on the home front require nimble wits and quick response to the unexpected. Working relationships have their ups and downs. Maintaining your equilibrium becomes a challenge.

Pisces: Reality comes calling. Whatever illusions you have been carrying around get blown away with some hard truths. You’re okay with all of that and roll with the punches. Being exceptionally busy during this time proves helpful. You make some connections with some folks who simply want to have fun. You’re up for that.