Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: Your June Horoscope

lunarSLIDEAries: Conversation, pleasant and otherwise, keeps you occupied. Some folks in your life are argumentative and contentious. Your patience is wearing thin. You want a break from all of this, but funds may not be available for that needed vacation. You soothe yourself with the purchase of a luxury item that you don’t need and can’t afford.

Taurus: Taurus is taking inventory, making lists and sorting possessions. While you are going through all this stuff you have you are also reevaluating what is and what is not important to you. Take a break and head out with your posse and do something fun and frivolous. Some relationships may be under some stress now. Money’s the issue.

Gemini: You feel like a change in appearance or routine — something new and different. You want to have some fun and enjoy some recreational activities, but are prevented from doing so due to responsibilities that keep you chained to your desk. Take the time for fun, romance and your quirky, unusual friends. It’ll make all the difference.

Cancer: Closed door meetings and confidential matters may lead to a salary increase or a boost in your prestige. A casual acquaintanceship gets lightly romantic then a little serious. Are you ready to commit?  The pace of life picks up and you may not have time for this relationship. Keep your plans and ideas to yourself for now.

Leo: Friends surprise you this month. They move away, move back, change jobs, changes spouses. You get some creative and inventive ideas from them. Having fun with your network of friends helps you to formulate plans for the future. Watch your expenditures and don’t get involved in financial dealings with friends.

Virgo: A favor from an influential person, such as an introduction or invitation, furthers your career and social standing. You’ll need to take some action in order to capitalize upon the opportunity offered. Cash from an unexpected source flows in. You’re tempted to spend it on something frivolous and fun. Think about saving it for your next trip.

Libra: You make plans, formulate ideas and take action in order to ensure that the vision of the future you have for yourself materializes. Through careful budgeting, you are now seeing results. You’re not out of the woods yet. As the Full Moon approaches, your life picks up speed. A love affair heats up and passions are aroused.

Scorpio: Under the burden of heavy responsibilities at work, home and even at play, you manage to come up with some unique and creative solutions. Relationships run smoothly now and you are able to get out and socialize and make new connections. Joint finances become a hot topic that throws a wet blanket on a hot romance.

Sagittarius: It’s you and the significant others in your life this month. Partners, teammates and competitors are all in the mix. Co-workers, business and social contacts bring special moments; when seized, they enhance your life. All is not smooth when friends and lovers become argumentative and bring emotional seas to the boiling point. Stay cool.

Capricorn: Practical Capricorn gets creative this month. You enhance your life with music, poetry and other artistic and creative pursuits. There’s heightened awareness of those things that although real, you cannot see, feel and touch. A few years ago, Capricorn would never have entertained the thought that these things exist. Evolution!

Aquarius: Special gatherings, short trips or a night on the town pop up unexpectedly during the course of your daily routine. There is no such thing as a routine for you this month. Opportunity knocks, doors open, doors close — grab the gold when you can and roll with the punches when faced with sudden obstruction. There’s electricity in the air.

Pisces: Traveling around your immediate vicinity, on foot or by car, puts you in the path of some fortuitous circumstances. You meet pleasant people and could spark a romance with the guy/gal next door.  Unexpected money issues threaten your sense of security. It’s the ups and downs of life so prepare yourself. Remember to breathe.