Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Work, routines and general housekeeping take up a lot of your energy. Although you may not feel like it, you know it is best to dive in and get it all done. You’re feeling adventurous and you know you have to clear the decks before you begin looking for that next adventure. Jupiter in your sign signals being in the right place at the right time.

Taurus: Life is full of surprises for you. Normally upsets in your routine rock you but these days you are enjoying the roller coaster ride. You’re up for some fun and games during this period. Friends, lovers and colleagues bring some of that fun your way. You express yourself in a manner that truly reflects who you are.

Gemini: You stay close to home and play your cards close to the vest. You feel the need to redecorate or spruce up your personal space. Mars in your sign pumps up your energy levels and folks have trouble keeping up with you. Use that energy wisely. Don’t waste it on arguments with people who will never change.

Cancer: Busy, busy, busy all day long. This busyness is a mix of work and play. You receive kudos from those in authority while an unusual friend brings their usual craziness to your door. Conversations, while varied, bring up some money or security issues. Careful planning and attention to detail keep you on an even keel. 

Leo: Amidst your concerns and talks about money you make connections and expand your network. A particular relationship becomes problematic. Behaviors you tolerated in the past become irritating and you can no longer cope with them. You are changing and some folks prefer the old you. You continue to move forward.

Virgo: You feel like making changes. Go ahead as this is a good time for you to do that. Your thinking has been revolutionized over the past few years and it is time to incorporate your new ideas into your daily routine and lifestyle. When Mercury retrogrades into your sign on the 23rd, revise and review.

Libra: Much goes on behind the scenes while you are in a planning stage. You are taking stock of the people and things in your life getting rid of what does not serve you. This could simply mean cleaning out your bedroom closet but also your mental and emotional closet. You feel good as you get clear of old baggage. 

Scorpio: You connect with old friends, make new friends, and have a very busy social agenda. While you continue to have fun you shore up your foundations, those things that make you feel safe and secure. Don’t let the crazy people around you drive you crazy. That craziness is theirs, not yours. 

Sagittarius: You march to the beat of your own drum. You take the direction you feel is right for you despite objections from someone close to you. Your creativity increases and you come up with some innovations that make your daily life run smoother. Serious conversations produce concrete results. 

Capricorn: Normally you deal with the real, practical and concrete but lately you are pondering the deep, profound and philosophical. Your probing will not be in vain as you will take the truths that you find and ground them in the real world. These deep musings enhance your creative abilities. Yes Capricorn, you are creative.

Aquarius: Your ability to bring the emotional, gut feelings into the intellectual realms is of great benefit to you now. Those gut feelings are not to be ignored but often there is no logic connected to them. You deal with a variety of issues during this period and your intuition is a valuable tool in reaching solutions that work for all.

Pisces: You learn the truth in the poem, “No man is an island” as relationships move front and center in your life. This includes the romantic, platonic, and professional. There’s a lot to unpack in these relationships and communication needs to be clear. Expect some disruptions in your daily routine as you interact with those around you.