Mac…Beth?!: A Modern Comedic Look at Tragedy


3heARTS Productions Recreates a Classic

If MacBeth took place in 2014, would the play have ended differently? Rather than behead MacBeth, could Macduff forgive his rival for butchering his wife and son? Could MacBeth ever rid himself of those pesky ghosts and obtain peace, despite his horrific crimes? Probably, but only if the process aired on reality televison.

3heARTS productions, a local theater company that specializes in humorous adaptations of classics, recently hosted their latest creation, Mac…Beth?!.  The setting is a talk show, where Randy T. Coiler – Jerry Springer’s transgender rival – hosts a panel that includes MacBeth, MacDuff and his tragic wife Lady MacDuff.  The play is rife with cultural nods to Star Wars, Metallica, Dr. Who and the state of Rhode Island.   Humor reigns, not horror (unless you count the fright you might experience seeing two grown men wearing kilts with their legs spread).


Our surly television host, Coiler (played brilliantly by Erin Megin), explores the years of bullying and competition between MacBeth and his former BFF MacDuff. To escalate the drama, Coiler brings in a host of special guests. These appearances provide some of the play’s funniest moments. My favorite:  Dr. Jekyl – a mental health professional who attempts to explain the psychological reasons for Macbeth’s crimes, only to be challenged by his second personality, Mr. Hyde.

The three witches sit on the sidelines with “we told you so” attitudes, as they continue to prophesize such certain terrible fates like, “No school Foster-Glocester.”

Just like any good reality-based television, Mac…Beth?! ends with the main character’s acknowledgment of his terrible deeds. Macduff receives his long-awaited apology, giving both Scots the closure they so desire. The two resume their BFF status, butchered family members quickly forgotten. The play, written by childhood friends Shannon McLoud and Stephen Nani, is a hilarious take on this classic, with a not-so-subtle dig at reality television and the culture of “take no responsibility for one’s actions.”

Mac..Beth?! ran from May 23 through May 31 at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Hope. All proceeds were donated to the Healing Arts Program at Lifespan. 3heARTS productions will continue to write comedic plays and support local charitable causes. For more information, please visit