COVID-19 Update

Hospitalizations: 222

Positive Tests: 14,494

Deaths: 677 (+2)

ICU: 53

On Ventilators: 36

Stuff to Do


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Dear Rhode Island: Want a pen pal? What Cheer will help you find one.

With quarantine slowing down most of our lives, Jessica David and the What Cheer Writers Club are teaming up to bring back a favorite old pasttime: writing letters. That’s right, drop your smart phone and step away from your email, they’re bringing back old-fashioned communication — and I hope a plethora of gorgeous stamps — […]

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All Lives Matter

All Livesdon’t get foundhungon four different occasionsfrom treesin 2020 Americaand ruled a suicide All Livesdon’t utter the wordsI can’t breatheover their last breathwhile in police custody  All Livesare not handcuffedby blue uniformsand shotdeadexecution stylein front of witnesses  All Livesare notshot deadwhile sleepingin their car  All Livesare not killedfor taking shortcuts homearmedwith a sandwichor an iced […]

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RI Confirms its First Case of Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome: A summary of the governor’s June 26 press conference

Governor Gina Raimondo, DOH director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, and DOA director Brett Smiley gave the COVID press briefing today at 1pm, from The Vets. Rhode Island COVID cases continue their decline; DOH is reporting only 25 new cases since yesterday. There are 91 people who remain hospitalized for reasons associated with the coronavirus. Sixteen people […]

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Creating a Climate Stable Future: Environmental stewards continue to shape the future

Environmental education in Rhode Island schools is proving to be an effective way of inspiring stewardship in young people, as seen through the efforts of schoolyard green spaces and gardens, and adding climate change in the curriculum. However, there are still boundaries being faced by those trying to provide access to environmental education to all […]

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Raimondo Cautions Residents to View Other States’ Surges as a Warning: A summary of the governor’s June 24 press conference

Governor Gina Raimondo and DOH director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott gave the COVID-19 press briefing today at 1pm. Today’s data is as follows. DOH reports 73 new COVID cases today; 104 people are still in the hospital. Twenty people are in the ICU and 16 are on ventilators. Six deaths were reported this afternoon. One person […]

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The Fox’s Rabbit Hole: An open letter to right-wing conspiracy enthusiasts

I had an interesting and somewhat disheartening conversation with an old friend yesterday who has recently gone over the deep end of Fox News conspiracy mongering (and worse). As the talk lurched from one preposterous right-wing extreme to another (Bill Gates, Pizzagate, John Podesta’s art collection, ANTIFA and the putrid musings of Tucker Carlson), I […]

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Traitorade: The brew that gives a whole new meaning to sour beer

It could be argued that NOTHING has been the same since Tom Brady made his infamous move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. New England fans have been sour since Brady signed to the Florida team back in March, and Smug Brewing of Pawtucket has released a beer that perfectly encapsulates their feelings.  Traitorade is the […]

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