Power Ranking the Months: A top ten list that goes to twelve

Each month brings its own uniqueness full of personal memories, successes and regrets. The months have different meanings for different people. While some may rank the months the same, their reasons won’t be the same based on experience and circumstances. Each month packs in plenty of holidays and “National _______ Days” to add a bit of flavor. Most months feel like they’re over before they start, making it a struggle to review what went well and what could have gone better. 

All months have their pros and cons and there’s not a huge difference between my favorite and least favorite month. These rankings are subjective and it’s all personal preference. 


October: The crisp fall air is in full effect, and it is officially hoodie season. It’s a big month for activities, especially themed around all things spooky. As nice and enjoyable as that is, it’s the foliage that really puts October ahead. Relatively boring drives turn to beautiful landscapes due to the changing of the leaves.

June: The start of summer has the weather going from comfortable to nice. The end of the school year brings about transition and growth, giving most of those people a positive outlook on their future. NBA and NHL finals and parades happen this month, and there are plenty of nice nights for baseball.

December: There is something magical about the community during this month. The towns are festive and the decorations and lights are uplifting and beautiful. There is a lot of stress to this month, as everything feels like a race to think of everything before the 25th. This is also a month for mental reflection of the past year and a look forward to the year ahead. It is understandable that this month would be towards the bottom of other people’s lists. 

May: This might be the peak weather month. Everything is blooming and, for someone that doesn’t have seasonal allergies, there is a great rebirth in the air. May just feels bright.

September: The swamp of summer is finally subsiding. Football has started. School pictures dominate social media timelines. This is the month that feels like a new beginning.

April: This is the wild card month, as the weather is extremely unpredictable. The month could be full of rain and a last dab of a snowstorm. Outside is wet and muddy, but things are starting to dry and bloom.

July: Summer is officially here, with an abundance of plans and seemingly all the time in the world. It’s starting to get hot, but heat waves are usually a month away. There are plenty of activities to enjoy.

February: I enjoy getting blanketed with a couple of snowstorms each year, which usually happen during this month. It’s nice being hunkered down at home as snowflakes fall to the ground. Cleaning up can become frustrating, but it’s good exercise. It’s a short month and the Super Bowl is always a good time. There is a chance that this ranking ages poorly.

November: Football, hockey and basketball are in full swing with people checking their fantasy teams near daily (I don’t gamble but I would assume this is a good month for sports betting too). Thanksgiving is a top notch holiday with food, football, family and (for some) a Turkey Trot. The weather is starting to take a turn for the cold, but there are some nice days thrown in to steal a few more days outside. Veteran’s Day is a good time to reflect and thank a Veteran. November would be much higher if it weren’t for daylight savings, where the pitch black sky makes me yearn for bed before realizing its only 6:15 pm.

January: This month always begins with a more hopeful attitude of the year ahead. That doesn’t last long, leaving a bitterly cold month with not all that much going on.

August: All summer plans have been accomplished or left to rot. Heat waves brutalize this month, making most people sweaty and uncomfortable.

March: The change from winter to spring isn’t as beautiful as poetry would make it seem. Everything is cold, wet and muddy. The spring air is still a few weeks away, making everything feel dirty. March Madness and green beer aren’t nearly enough to move March from the bottom spot.

BONUS MONTH: If Smarch were a month, it would be somewhere in the middle. I have no clue what adventures the month would bring, but I would be saying “Stupid Smarch” as much as humanly possible.