Sitting with Dogs: A relief for pet owners

Pets are a joy, but what do you do when you have to leave them at home for an extended period of time?

Marcia Kilduff is a life-long animal lover and owner, who worked in an animal hospital for four years. She was considering becoming a vet, but decided she’d rather work one on one with animals in a more fun environment. Eighteen years later,Marcia’s Pet Sitting offers dog walking, daily doggy daycare, overnight care at her home, medication administration, in-home check-ins and care with three to four daily visits, pick-ups and drop offs.

“The best part of my job is getting to know so many different animals with their own little quirks and seeing everyone happy at the end of the day,” Kilduff says.


Kilduff runs the business from her home in Cranston, and gives the animals a safe and happy atmosphere. Her large, fenced-in yard lets the dogs play and hang out at their leisure. She has a pool, splash pad and plenty of toys for the animals (mostly dogs) to enjoy themselves. Kilduff has pets of her own, so there is always someone to play with. Her house can be more welcoming than a facility, which helps the animals settle and figure out their routine.

“As a pet parent, it is never easy leaving your fur babies,” says Caroline Izzo. “I have never once been worried, stressed or struggled leaving any of our dogs with Marcia. She is always accommodating and provides the same routine and care as if they were in their home.”

Before their first stay, Kilduff takes the time to meet and get to know the animals. She will speak with the owners about their quirks, likes, dislikes and needs. If the animals will be staying at her house, Kilduff gives a tour of her consistently being cleaned home and yard, as well as introducing her animals one by one. This initial meeting will ensure that every question or concern is answered before the first stay.

“Owners can receive updates and pictures of their pets,” Kilduff says when discussing how she ensures owners feel comfortable leaving their pets in her care. “This way they are happy and comfortable knowing what their pet is doing throughout the day. My clients will also send pictures or tell me after the fact that their dogs are tired and happy.”

Kilduff bases her success on the positive feedback from her customers, both human and animal. She hears many stories about the animals becoming excited as they near her house. Many of the pets don’t seem to care when their owners leave (as difficult as that can be for the owners). She knows that the owners are happy when they keep coming back. She’s had many clients that have used Marcia’s Pet Sitting for years.

“Marcia is punctual, caring and follows directions,” says Donna Field. “Most importantly, she can quickly connect with you and your dog. We have used Marcia MANY times including sleepovers!”

Marcia’s Pet Sitting, Cranston, RI, 401-580-3962 and