Stop, Rock and Roll

Although the weather is inconsistent this time of year, the number of great new Rhode Island releases is always reliable. Here are five songs you should listen to!

The Keegan Turner Band – “It’s You”

Last month, The Keegan Turner Band released their newest EP, Promises. Out of the six songs, the one that appears to be getting the most love is “It’s You.” Featuring a standout bass riff, a beautiful blend of guitars, mathematical drums, and passionate vocals about loving someone, the song harkens back to pop songs of old while remaining timeless.

Rather Nice – “Mike’s Perm”

Released as part of a local compilation, Rather Nice’s newest single boasts glossy production, a catchy chord progression, and lyrics detailing the frustration you might feel as someone close to you changes. This song has been a live favorite for years, so for it to finally be out in a recorded form is certainly satisfying for fans of the band.

The Benji’s – “Good Living”

Local darlings The Benji’s released their first EP in eight years last month when they dropped Kitty Pills (see page xxx). While a phenomenal record all around, the opening track, “Good Living,” is truly a statement of intent. The guitars come in thick from the very beginning, with fuzzy keys and rapid-fire drumming proving to listeners that the band can replicate the energy of their live shows.

Zoë Bracken – “Burn One”

Singer-songwriter Zoë Bracken recently released “Burn One,” and despite the sparse instrumentation on the track, it still manages to stand out. The airy vocals and atmospheric acoustic guitar mesh together to create a haunting, dusky sensation not unlike the early work of artists like Bon Iver.

John Egan Band – “Take Away”

Kicking off with gloriously crunchy guitars, the newest single by John Egan immediately hooks the listener. With a voice like an American Keith Richards, his singing radiates confidence and wit. Harmonica and tambourine add extra spice to the track as well, keeping it from being just another power-pop tune (though, in all honesty, what’s wrong with that?). The band’s upcoming album, Better Late Than Never, will arrive soon as well.