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Providence Prohibition Party Brings Entertainment and Raises Awareness

Providence’s first ever official hemp festival was held on July 12 at Simon’s 667, hosted by Mike Liberty and Dave Death. Called the Providence Prohibition Party, the event drew a fun-loving and diverse crowd throughout its course, which spanned from early afternoon to the wee hours of the morning, transitioning from local indie and rock […]

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Watching ‘Matty Christian’

Follow Matty Christian as he learns to “navigate the world” I wasn’t expecting to like this film. The people involved I knew to be competent, consummate, creative professionals. But I don’t like my heartstrings to be rigorously jerked. Maybe a little jerking, after a slow, gentle warm-up – but I’ve never responded well to films […]

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Newest food and drink options in RI and goodbye to an old favorite My progression of emotion upon hearing of the opening of Fed Hill’s The $3 Bar (fairly self explanatory) began at confusion, transitioned to excitement, and settled at, “eh” upon seeing Facebook photos of miniature drinks. My progression of emotion after hearing of […]

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