Nicholas Iandolo

Nicholas "Nick" Iandolo is an author of both non-fiction and science fiction books. His internationally selling books 'Cut The Crap and WRITE THAT DAMN SCREENPLAY!' and 'Cut The Crap and PITCH THAT DAMN SCREENPLAY!' have been endorsed by screenwriters, producers, and filmmakers. Nick's new epic sci-fi eBook series 'NLV' (a.k.a. 'New Las Vegas') has been a great success and continues to build a big following of fans since its debut at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Nick is also a journalist for Motif Magazine and a co-host for one of its shows on the MoTiV web-channel. 'Take 2' co-hosted by Nick and Rosemary Pacheco is a hot new movie review show where Nick and Rosemary go at like 'Siskel and Ebert'! Also, Nick is a screenwriter and producer of both short films, feature length screenplays, and local television programs. He has recently produced a short film for the Rhode Island Film Collaborative called 'The Elevator Script'—soon to be released in the upcoming 2013/2014 film festival season. Add to that a new show premiering in fall of 2013 called 'Nick's Sci-Fi Corner'—written, produced, directed, and hosted by Nick himself! It's a mash-up of 'Wayne's World', 'Conan O'Brien', and 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'! Learn more about Nick's screenwriting, professional writing, and producing work at: And learn about Nick's epic sci-fi eBook series 'NLV' at: Follow Nick on Twitter: @cutcrapwrite You can contact Nick at:

“Once More Unto the Breech!” The 48 Hour Film Project Calls its Banners

Just like Robb Stark of Winterfell in George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, who calls the loyal banners to rally to war against the evil Lannisters who beheaded Winterfell’s Lord Eddard Stark and usurped the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms from its rightful heir, Stannis Baratheon, so too does the 48 Hour Film Project — […]

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Freddie, Jason and Chucky, oh my! — 
Miss Terror Con Talks RI’s First Horror Convention

Sarah Michelle is Miss Terror Con 2014   Hide under the stairs, no wait … don’t! Don’t have sex in a haunted house! And most of all, don’t go to sleep! Why? Because Terror Con is coming to the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence Saturday and Sunday June 7 and 8. This epic 2-day […]

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Forgotten Heroine — The Story of Newport’s Ida Lewis

In the pantheon of great American heroes from the 19th century, the vast majority of them are men. I mean, who can argue with the accomplishments of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark (i.e., Lewis & Clark), Thomas Edison, Frederick Douglass, Sam Houston, and everyone’s favorite, President Abraham Lincoln? However, there is a […]

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Nick’s Sci-Fi Corner — Aliens with Benefits

Nick Iandolo (Motif‘s Comic Con King) is at it again in the latest and craziest episode of his zany sci-fi comedy, news and talk show, “Nick’s Sci-Fi Corner.” This episode is called “Aliens with Benefits,” and this time Nick is joined by Motif writers Rosemary Pacheco (Scene and Heard) and Katie Lewis (DareMe) in some all-out, close encounter sci-fi adventures of the […]

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Memories for Sale — An Exploration of Morals and Money

As a screen and teleplay writer, I can always tell when movie dialogue was crafted by a playwright. Perhaps it was my years studying Shakespeare at UMass Amherst, or learning the art of screenwriting by watching great playwrights turned screenwriters, like David Mamet or Aaron Sorkin. Whatever the case may be, stage dialogue is crisp, […]

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