Sarah Melton

Theater Artists and Students Seek to Dismantle White Supremacy at Trinity Repertory Company

On May 15 a group affiliated with students of the Brown/Trinity MFA program and identified with the hashtag #dismantlebrowntrinity staged a silent protest outside of Trinity Repertory Company as their critique of ongoing institutional racism of the theater. Adrian Blount, a soon-to-be MFA in the Brown/Trinity program, and one of several organizers of the protest, says […]

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Hope Street Merchants Association Wants to Install Solar Powered Lamps

“How can we do something to make the streets more beautiful?” asks Line Daems, co-president of the Hope Street Merchants Association (HSMA). Their answer: Install locally designed solar powered street lamps. On November 18, co-presidents of the HSMA, Line Daems and Pernilla Frazier, and Jonathan Harris, responsible for the design of the lamps, spoke to […]

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