Beach Witch Bars: Holiday soaps with attitude

The passion that would become Beach Witch Bars was conceived in her small kitchen in Winthrop, MA during the months of the pandemic shutdown. Owner Lizzie Havoc and fiancé Justin were both bar managers in Boston, so the first few months left them with little to do. They used that unexpected time to produce a web series entitled “Bartending in Sweatpants.” Havoc piqued an interest in soap making after watching videos on TikTok. This led her to scour the internet for recipes, tips and ingredients; culminating in the birth of her first few “loaves” (a solid rectangular block of soap that yields ten bars when cut). She had her personal recipe down in about two months.

Photo courtesy of Beach Witch Bars

Adversity turned Beach Witch Bars into a business. Justin started having violent headaches. An MRI determined that he had a huge brain tumor that needed to be removed immediately. The necessary long road to recovery helped Havoc come to the realization that she wouldn’t be able to work full-time again.

“The importance of family, healing, and doing something for myself to create a future I could be proud of, took over, and Beach Witch Bars was born in my small kitchen in Winthrop, Massachusetts,” says Havoc, who recently purchased her first home in Cumberland, bringing the business with her.

“The whole idea behind Beach Witch Bars is to introduce natural bars of soap that brighten people’s day,” Havoc exclaims. Beach Witch Bars is a one-woman operation that creates vegan soaps made with full moon water, herbs, essential oils and crystals that are bright, colorful, sudsy and gentle. Havoc uses simple ingredients and bases her product ideas on spooky folklore that also uses the “magic and medicinal uses of herbs and crystals.”

“My ideas come from each solstice, each upcoming holiday and the nature that’s around us day to day,” Havoc explains while adding that no two bars are alike. “The smell of the ocean or the color of the leaves as summer turns to autumn- I capture that however I can and incorporate it into a colorful, unique bar of soap.”

The move to RI had Havoc concerned but confident. Growing up in South Kingstown, Havoc jumped at the opportunity to return to her home state. She had a supportive community and knew that she could continue to build in a new state. She uses social media (Tik Tok and Instagram mostly) to let people get to know her as a person in addition to promoting Beach Witch Bars and the creative process.

“People like knowing who is making this product,” Havoc states. “They like seeing my workspace, my pets and my fiancé. They like hearing stories about our lives. It makes me not just a company but a face, a real person.” Havoc balances Beach Witch Bars with another part-time job. She does the business side of things during the day before work and the soapmaking late at night. This doesn’t leave much downtime, but Havoc loves the flexibility and the fact that she can do most of the job in her pajamas.

Beach Witch Bars has been rolling out holiday soaps for the past couple months and had their big online holiday drop last month. Some of the festive flavors include “Marigold and Weary” and “Gingerbready For It” and “Coal in Your Stocking.”

With dreams of one day opening her own shop, Havoc currently sells products on her website and at Farmer’s Markets and craft fairs throughout RI and MA. Beach Witch Bars are also available at Asteria and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Adeline’s Speakeasy Bar and Kitchen, both located in Cumberland. She continues to fine-tune and grow her business and become a pillar of the community. “Beach Witch Bars is my own – my mistakes and my successes are mine. I am proud of that. Life is short, take chances and do what you love!” Havoc adds.

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