Fall in the Stars

Fall in the Stars

Fall in the Stars

Although autumn officially begins on September 23, 2023, we begin to feel the shift in the energies weeks before as both Venus and Mercury end their retrograde periods. Traditional astrologers (i.e., before the discovery of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), developed a method for ranking the planets according to sign, degree, and placement in the horoscope. These are called Essential Dignities. Using this method in analyzing the Equinox chart, Mercury holds the most “dignity” followed closely by Venus. This “dignity” means their energies are strong and the principles they represent function well. Mercury rules the media, public opinion, youth, schools, and commerce. With a strong positive connection to the Moon, ruler of the public as well as the public’s opinion, the voice of the people will be heard in one way or another. The close runner up in strength, Venus, rules love, money, and diplomatic situations. Venus and Jupiter here are not in a friendly configuration. Jupiter rules trade and treaties between nations, border disputes, and religion. This collection, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Jupiter points to women, youth, the general public and their prosperity, or lack of, as well as changing public opinion. Venus and Jupiter speak to legal stuff, with Venus fighting the good fight. Venus is in Leo, the showbiz sign, with the the strikes involving writers and actors clearly reflecting this aspect. 

At the Full Moon on September 29 Mercury is still in charge; placed prominently in this chart, expect windy conditions. This could be weather wise or a pontificating politician, public official or someone pounding the pulpit. Traditional media outlets, the mainstream, may very well miss the mark. Mercury is about information and at this time, connects positively with innovative, inventive Uranus. Youth, change, and forward thinking rule the day. 

At the Third Quarter Moon on October 6 the Moon has strength. People are moody, emotional and worried about money. It seems like no one recognizes their needs. Human rights, civil rights, while not clearly articulated, underscore opinions voiced by the public. Mars squaring Pluto on October 8 raises issues of power and control. Venus’ simultaneous move into Virgo promises a very busy end to the weekend. Venus in Virgo works behind the scenes aiding workers and bringing healthy lifestyle issues into the conversation. She battles the hidebound traditionalist. 

A few days before the Solar Eclipse on October 14, Mars moves into his home sign of Scorpio. At the Eclipse he has a lot of power but the Eclipse is in Libra, ruled by Venus. Simplistically, it is like a battle between war and peace. Mercury has a role to play at this time as well. Foreign affairs, religious controversy, financial issues, and the condition and rights of women reverberate around the globe. 

The Lunar Eclipse on October 28 brings things to a full boil. Mars and Mercury join forces in Scorpio opposing Jupiter. Financial institutions take a hit. That which is hidden and taboo rises to the surface. Interest rates and debts owed to and owed by nations and individuals has us all checking our bank balance and examining our spending habits.

Be ready for more upsets around November 11 when fighting Mars, in Scorpio, opposes Uranus, in Taurus, the shock master. If the Lunar Eclipse did not rock your world, Mars tangling with Uranus is sure to do so. Taurus and Scorpio are money signs, also ruling what you value and hold dear. Uranus works to bring us into the future, Mars likes to stir things up. This energy is “ready or not, here we go” energy. 

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13 opposing Uranus keeps the roller coaster rocking. Venus in Libra works quietly behind the scenes to calm the financial waters and encourages those in disagreement to sit down and have a civil conversation. She’s got some power now and her efforts may very well work.

At the First Quarter Moon on November 20 the Scorpio energy is still with us. At this time Mars and the Sun join forces and take a combative stance with the Sun in Aquarius. The undercurrent throughout this period involves the status of women and their rights. Things may cool down a bit when Mars, on November 24, moves into Sagittarius. Mars here is more freewheeling and not so intense. Here the warrior prefers to shoot hoops or run the track. He soon squares off with Saturn. Saturn restricts and contracts and may wish to curb Mars’ enthusiasm. This is not a nice aspect and these two planets are considered “malefic” which means not very nice. Together they create some bad juju. 

The Full Moon on the 27th brings the Gemini/Sagittarius energy into play. Conversation and ideas rule the day. Venus, still working quietly behind the scenes, is capable of bringing opposing forces to the table. The prevailing energy encourages the free exchange of ideas and useful conversation. This is a good time to work out any differences you have with lovers, friends, family, and co-workers. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 12 ushers in the holiday season. With Sun and Moon in Sagittarius folks just love to party. Sometimes a bit too much. Mercury is poised to go retrograde until January 1, 2024. Use this time to think about those New Year’s resolutions. Retro Mercury is a great time for inward reflection. You know what you need to do. Use this time to gear yourself up to make those changes, then implement them when Mercury goes direct on Jan 1. 

The season closes with the First Quarter Moon in Pisces on December 19. The Sagittarius/Pisces energy in the air prompts us to count our blessings. Appreciate what we have. Recognize that there are many things beyond our control. We can’t change that but we do have to deal with it. Change what you can and work around what you can’t. This season is one of change and disruption at every turn and staying grounded can become a challenge. Stand firm and remain flexible. A tricky proposition.