Fall in the Stars

Fall in the stars: Autumn 2022

The Fall season promises to be full of surprises, from the political and financial to mother nature working her magic or wreaking her havoc. Wet and wild weather with sudden changes erase all traces of drought conditions. Longshots, upsets and bolts out of the blue rule the day. As the season begins, Mercury is retrograde and does not go direct until October 2. In between the Solar Eclipse on October 25 and the lunar eclipse on November 8, Mars goes retrograde while in the sign of Gemini. Mighty Mars won’t go direct until January 2023. Overall, things could and should get interesting. 

The New Moon on Sep 25 kicks the Libra energy into high gear. It’s a tangled web with Mars and Saturn in conflict while the Sun/Moon combo opposes Jupiter. Pluto thrown into the mix makes for excessive and over-the-top people and events. 

At the First Quarter Moon on October 2, Mercury goes direct. New information surfaces and we begin to look at things in a new light. The Full Moon on Oct 9 brings out some discordant energy. Constructive action can be taken but there is an element afoot that would inhibit the creative. Radical action meets resistance. As the Moon winds down to the Last Quarter on Oct 17, cooperation between those in conflict increases and issues can be resolved. 

The Solar Eclipse on Oct 25 has Sun, Moon and Venus aligned in Scorpio. This concentration of energy in Scorpio brings intense energy to the forefront. This energy encourages people to dive deep and dig to the bottom of any situation or problem. Scorpios can spot a phony a mile away and while this energy is in the air, so can a lot of other people. Pay attention to what is going on around you. A lot can be revealed now. 

As the Moon waxes to Full the energy builds. This is a lead up to a lunar eclipse on November 8. The weeks around this lunar eclipse are fraught with the sudden, unexpected, and weird “stuff.” Agriculture, weather, freakish accidents: Any and all things that upset the routine are on the agenda. The smart folks deal with what they can control. A lot of the goings on during this period are way beyond anyone’s control. So, try to remain steady through the turmoil. 

As the Moon winds down to the Last Quarter on November 16 Mars prepares to square off with Neptune. Mars is in the intellectual sign of Gemini while Neptune is floating around in dreamy Pisces. Mars loves to stir things up while the Neptune/Pisces combination rules gas, oil, pharmaceuticals and any avenue that is open to escape reality. Beware! The real world never really leaves you. And keep in mind that Mars loves an explosion.

The New Moon on November 23 puts us firmly in Sagittarius territory with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus clustered together at the beginning of the sign. Sagittarius brings optimism and hope into our lives. Venus here loves adventure, while Mercury may suffer from foot in mouth disease, speaking impulsively without thinking. Retrograde Mars is prominent once again, in Gemini, he is apt to shoot off his mouth as well. Mars will definitely stir up some action. Weather, health issues, the military or work force issues may pop up creating problems for those involved. 

The First Quarter Moon on November 30th brings a mixed bag of “war and peace” with Venus making the effort to smooth Mars’ ruffled feathers. Monetarily folks are torn between minding the budget, being frugal and not wasteful on one hand and on the other hand it’s like, “who cares?” The best bet is to find the middle ground.

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th finds Mars together in the sky with the Moon with the Sun opposing from Sagittarius. This is an interesting combination bound to create action. Conversations and arguments are about politics and religion and any of those topics that can never be truly resolved. Mercury, now in practical Capricorn, keeps things logical.

The season draws to a close with the Last Quarter Moon phase on December 16. We get a taste of the winter to come around this time, a cold snap, snow or rain storm. Conversations and tempers cool as well. The practical and mystical combine to bring some dreams to fruition. Creative solutions can be found to resolve everyday issues.

All in all, this will be a season of surprises. Some events may send shock waves across the country while others open the doors to innovation and positive change. It may be difficult to maintain our equilibrium while the earth shakes beneath us. Just hang on until the tremors subside.