Lunar Notes

Foresight Is 2020: The world is in uproar

As the year begins, we have impeachment, Australia on fire, islands of plastic floating in the oceans, Boris, Brexit and scary bomb stuff. And that’s only the beginning, folks. This is the year of Capricorn, with a convergence of a number of rare and major cycles in this sign. It’s Capricorn crunch time.  

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all in Capricorn. The last time these heavyweights were together in Capricorn was 1894 BCE. So yes, it’s a big deal.

Capricorn and its ruler Saturn embody the principles of the conservative side of society, favoring the traditional and dedicated to the preservation of the forms and structures of society. Saturn is known as the Greater Malefic.  It was last in Capricorn in the late 1980s.

Pluto is the great destroyer; he eliminates, transforms and disintegrates. Pluto’s ace in the hole is pulling something better from the wreckage. The last time Pluto traversed this section of the sky was during the American Revolution.  

Jupiter, known as the Greater Benefic, rules law, religion and capitalism.  The highest court in the land, bankers and the borders between nations fall under Jupiter’s purview. With a 12-year cycle, the famous (or infamous) TARP legislation occurred with Jupiter in Capricorn.  

When Capricorn energy is strong, it is payback time. This is the backdrop and foundation for the entire year. While we all have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in our natal charts, these planets are planets of the collective. As they dance around and join each other throughout the year, the effects will be felt on a global level and will involve masses of people. Capricorn is an earth sign and deals in realities. Environmental, socio-economic, political — the chickens are coming home to roost.

The impact of the January 10 Lunar Eclipse has already manifested with the action in the Middle East. This eclipse has Uranus going direct in motion and Saturn and Pluto forming a conjunction, a new moon type of event. Uranus loves to throw a monkey wrench into the works. A revolutionary at heart, he delights in kicking down Saturn’s carefully constructed walls. Saturn and Pluto together are a powerhouse. Issues of power and control, big money and repression, who and what will rule.

As spring approaches, Mars enters the picture, moving into Capricorn in mid-February right around the time Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces.  Mars is the action planet; in Capricorn he has the ability to get things done, and is a great aid in manifestation. What you can think of, you can create in the physical world. That’s the upside. The downside is that Mars rules war and the warrior. He is known as the Lesser Malefic. At the Spring Equinox, he sits with Jupiter. He quickly moves along to join forces with Pluto then Saturn at the end of March. What happens when the Greater Malefic, Saturn, and the Lesser Malefic, Mars, get together? It won’t be pretty. This planet of action can bring fires, explosions and volcanic activity as well as activities of a combative nature. Since all of these planets are in Capricorn, an earth sign, Mother Nature will definitely have something to say.  

In mid-May, Venus, the planet of love, money, art and diplomacy, goes retrograde. On June 3, while retrograde, she makes a conjunction with the Sun. This is a new-moon-like occurrence. This conjunction is all about communication, more so this time because Venus is in Gemini, the sign of communication. This is also the perfect time to plant your Venusian seeds.  How do you communicate your desire for love, money and the beauty that life offers?   

The summer 2020 will be one to remember. At the Summer Solstice, Mercury and Venus are retrograde. During the overnight hours after the Solstice, there is Solar Eclipse at zero Cancer. The last time there was a Solar Eclipse at the Solstice, zero Cancer was on June 21, 2001. Those energies are in play again. During August, Mars slides home into Aries and squares off with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Mars in Aries will trigger these energies.   While political tensions run high, Earth and societal changes rumble, adding to the stress.  

At the Autumnal Equinox, the three major players — Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto — snuggle together in Capricorn. And they are still cheek by jowl during fall’s major event: the 2020 election. On that day, Mercury is retrograde, ready to turn direct. The same conditions prevailed during the election year 2000. Expect some kind of controversy, like machine malfunction, no paper trail and recounts.  

The final zinger of the year occurs at the Winter Solstice. At this time, Saturn and Jupiter form a conjunction at zero Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn come together every 20 years. Since 1802 these conjunctions have occurred in Earth signs. When they switch elements, it is called the Great Mutation (they popped into Libra (air) in 1981, then back into Taurus (earth) in 2000). This is another big deal. Like all conjunctions, this is planting-a-seed time.  This signals a regime change, a new era, bigger than one individual.  Aquarius rules universal brotherhood, the greater good over the individual.

This will be a tumultuous year. Mars, due to retrograde motion, is a key player this year. He spends 6 months or so in his home sign of Aries. Mars gets you to the gym for your workout, pushes you out the door to make the job and prods you into going after what you want. But he can be a prick, taking a combative, argumentative and belligerent stance. He will be going back and forth from spring through summer and fall, kicking off the heavy weights. He loves to and is in his element when he is stirring up the shit.  And that’s what he will be doing throughout the year.

What can the individual do during these trying times when events that effect the populace are out of our control? This Capricorn energy that prevails this year tells us to take care of our business, whatever that business is. There is no free ride with Capricorn; Capricorn gives you what you have earned. Pay your bills, go to work, do all that responsible adult stuff. Don’t neglect your health, your wallet or your relationships.  Capricorn is very creative. You can harness that creativity to make your life better. Not glamorous, but better. And remember, Capricorn is a great comedian; there’s a joke in here somewhere.