Stars With Shirley

Lunar Notes: April 2022

April promises to be a tumultuous month. As the month begins, Mars and Saturn stir the pot. Use energy wisely here. Jupiter and Neptune get into the act and we can only hope that the spiritual side is activated. Otherwise, it is all fog and mirrors. The month ends with a Solar Eclipse. Change is in the air. 

Aries: The New Moon in Aries signals change for you. Conversations with loved ones assist you when you are making plans. Your ruler, Mars, meets Saturn head-on in your house of friends, hopes and wishes. This could bring arguments with friends or some sound advice from an older and wiser colleague.

Taurus: Surprise and disruption continue to upset your routine. An authority figure or someone connected with your public life plays the heavy and causes some very public disagreements. In the middle of all this you have visions of a brighter future. Practical Taurus meets up with some mystical folk and listens to them.

Gemini: You begin to make some concrete plans for your post-pandemic future: a career move or a change in attitude when dealing with the higher-ups in your life. A long-distance trip may have to be put on hold. You keep busy with friends, loved ones and social groups you belong to. The Full Moon brings some fun times your way. 

Cancer: You become quite adept at juggling home and career, switching from the public to the private with ease. Making plans with friends for a local excursion or a long-distance trip brings new people and interests your way. An expected cash influx is delayed. This may throw a monkey wrench into your plans. 

Leo: Conversations with significant others bring up money concerns. Some of these conversations turn into arguments and there does not seem to be any reasoning with some people. Do your best to remain calm and logical. A shocking surprise comes your way from someone in your circle. The Full Moon promises to be busy for you. 

Virgo: You interact with a lot of different people during this period. Lots of conversations going on, some very pleasant, others not so pleasant. Taxes, insurance or some other tangled-up money issue requires clear thinking and reading the fine print. You’re good at that. Don’t overwork or overdo on any front. Maintain careful use of your energy.

Libra: These days it seems like you are “here” and everyone else is “over there.” No matter, you have to deal with the people in your life, whether near and dear or simply casual acquaintances. Some serious issues need discussion. A passion of yours may need to be put on hold. Remember, delays only postpone. Stay on course.

Scorpio: All the activities that bring you joy are on the table this month. You may have to deal with some serious issues on the home front before you can enjoy. Be sure to take care of business in a timely manner or else it will come back and bite you. You get creative and mystical and put insights gained to practical use.

Sagittarius: Your movements around town are restricted in some way. A car breakdown, road construction or a transit strike make for some clever maneuvers on your part. This does not upset you as much as it normally would, as you are able to work from home, and during this time you are quite willing to party on the home front.

Capricorn: With Pluto’s long sojourn through your sign you have been adjusting and readjusting your life’s foundation and those things you hold most dear. Your practical self has had some surprises and you are taking a new look at all the mystical stuff. You’re very creative and now is the time to innovate on a grand scale.

Aquarius: A busy month is in store for you. Be careful not to scatter your energies as circumstances will have you running here and there. Stay focused. Keep an eye on the budget as you’re tempted by the beautiful and expensive. Unexpected snafus with appliances and electronics blow a hole in that budget.

Pisces: Beneath the surface you are thinking about money, finances and things you hold dear. Deep thoughts. No one sees that. On the surface you initiate, are active and pleasant, attracting people and social events that keep you busy. Disruptions in your daily commute or routine require flexibility as you need to adjust.