Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: February 2023

Aries: You begin the month aggressively, pushing ahead and cutting the line. You have a lot of pent-up energy to expend. You do that then settle down for a bit of quiet contemplation. You assess what has been happening to you and digest all the little tidbits of information that have come your way. Jupiter brings a big boost in faith and opportunity.

Taurus: Your life bounces between the very public and the very private. You balance and juggle these energies using creative methods. You make some interesting and helpful connections along the way. Someone in authority notices your creativity, which could lead to a promotion. It will surely enhance your standing in the community. 

Gemini: You move and shake things up as the month opens. There’s a lot of communication going on from both near and far. You handle these messages well, even the ones that are a bit shocking. A friend or acquaintance provides you with some interesting connections that will prove beneficial to you. You settle down and take care of business.

Cancer: You’re ready to move on to something to do with finances. This could be something as simple as tightening up your budget. Unusual friends bring some excitement to your life and a possible romance is in the offing. It will be fun but may not be all that stable. You like excitement but you like security more. A new opportunity comes your way.

Leo: The Full Moon in Leo shines and so do you. You’re center stage and you like the attention. Some change is headed your way. Not to worry. It is not a bad change, just disruptive and may have you shifting gears. The upshot will be finding yourself in a better place. In the meantime, some interesting conversations keep you up to date. 

Virgo: You get down to business, sticking to your routine and keeping your life organized. You do take the time for some fun stuff, socializing with friends and coworkers. Someone interesting shows up, bringing a bit of romance into your life. Be sure you are seeing the situation clearly. Don’t jump the gun. An unexpected windfall keeps the budget balanced.

Libra: Interaction and socializing with the young, the old, and every age in between keeps you busy. It is not all business, a lot of it consists of pleasurable pursuits. You may need to consult a professional about some financial or legal issues. Conversations are lively, interesting, and filled with surprising revelations. You know how to keep a secret.

Scorpio: While the spotlight may be on you, you prefer to be behind the scenes and stick close to home. A lot of chatter with family, friends, and neighbors is going on. A connection with someone may feel like a soulful connection but your natural born suspicion keeps you from a commitment. Nothing wrong with waiting until you are sure about this person.

Sagittarius: Serious conversations about work, money, and home life keep you grounded. Your ruler, Jupiter, in the house of fun and romance lightens things up for you. There’s plenty of activity going on around you as you find out that you can take care of business and have fun while doing so. Someone wants to talk your ear off.

Capricorn: A variety of energies circulate around you. Some of them are gentle and spiritual, while some are a concrete reality. The real stuff you have to deal with is business, money, and conversations with those around you. You’ll take time to mull over more ethereal concepts.  You’re practical and creative, so all these energies work for you.

Aquarius: You face opposition to your ideas and actions. Sometimes people are the opposing forces, and other times it is simply events that get in your way and prevent you from doing what you want to do. Money seems to disappear and crazy stuff keeps happening around the home front. By month’s end, you get a handle on your finances, and obstacles will fall away.

Pisces: You organize and get rid of the dead wood you’ve been carrying. Whatever does not serve you has to go. You are preparing for a new beginning in the spring. You have been very creative and innovative as you prepare for a future that holds a lot of promise. Know that you will be working methodically, going step by step to achieve your goals.