Nick’s Sci-Fi Corner — Aliens with Benefits

scifiNick Iandolo (Motif‘s Comic Con King) is at it again in the latest and craziest episode of his zany sci-fi comedy, news and talk show, “Nick’s Sci-Fi Corner.” This episode is called “Aliens with Benefits,” and this time Nick is joined by Motif writers Rosemary Pacheco (Scene and Heard) and Katie Lewis (DareMe) in some all-out, close encounter sci-fi adventures of the ludicrous kind.
In this episode, Nick boldly goes where no one should go at all, fends off an overly attached girl-fan, throws down with a famous xenomorph killing space trucker, goes to town reviewing the epic space adventure Gravity and the super spy show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., talks about the Rhode Island film scene with RIFC president Anthony Ambrosino, and takes his friends on two wild real-life espionage and steampunk adventures! And finally Nick treats his audience to some shots from last year’s Rhode Island Comic Con featuring cosplayer Sarah McGinnis.
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