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On the Cover: Zoë Anderson

Motif July 2023 On the Cover Zoe Anderson

Mad Max inspired food truck race. Illustrated by Zoë Anderson.

This month, Motif was honored to welcome back Zoë Anderson of Warwick for our July Food Truck Award nominees issue. This is the sixth time her work has graced our cover.

Taking inspiration from Motif’s Food Truck Awards, Anderson also drew inspiration from the Mad Max franchise. “Mad Max has action packed car races with uniquely decorated cars. That vibe came out while I was sketching and I thought it would be funny,” said Anderson.  

With a sandwich looking like something that Dagwood Bumstead from the comic Blondie would assemble, combined with the racing foods, Anderson’s cover art symbolizes the variety of foods nominated in our upcoming Food Truck Awards taking place on Monday, August 14th at R1 Indoor Karting in Lincoln. This piece provides a gentle nod to the trucks that will be there, all are unique with their own food as well as the indoor karting. The color palette was inspired by colors Anderson sees walking around Providence during the golden hour. “It’s my favorite time to be in Providence.”

In her spare time, Anderson enjoys creating fanart, specifically anime. “Anime style is what I like to do most, so that’s what I’ve been posting a lot of lately.” It’s impressive how she effortlessly creates beautiful work in either an anime or a more cartoonish style like she did for our cover. 

To see more of her work, visit linktr.ee/zuzucat. From there you will find all her social media pages of her work.